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Pentagon Program Spent Millions Investigating UFOs


I've done something that no one has done before". Experts doubted the shadowy unit would have uncovered anything new. "If anyone says they have the answers, they're fooling themselves", Reid, who retired from Congress past year, said in a tweet Saturday night. Read More »

Ahd Tamimi arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier raiding her house


The Tamimi family made headlines in 2012, when "Shirley Temper" was filmed shaking her fist and stamping her feet at an Israeli soldier following the arrest of her brother, the Daily Sabah reported. The arrest took place during a raid on the Tamimi home on Monday night. In a short documentary, Ahed said that her dream is to become a football player, describing the difficulty she faces at the Israeli checkpoint when she wants to get to school. Read More »

Menorah may have sparked deadly Brooklyn fire


After the flames were put out, firefighters found the body of Aliza Azan , 40, near that of her 3-year-old daughter, Henrietta, and those of her two sons, Yitzhak, 7, and Moshe, 11. In all, nine people were in the house: the couple, their six children and a cousin. The fire broke out shortly after 2 a.m.in a home on East 14th Street in Sheepshead Bay. Read More »

Track Palin arrested on charges of burglary, assault


Todd Palin said he told Track Palin not to come and got his pistol "to protect his family". Track Palin, shown with Willow and Trig Palin in 2008, was arrested Saturday after authorities said he violently attacked his father, Todd . Read More »

Singer Jonghyun of K-Pop Group SHINee dead at 27


His fans posted messages of grief on his account after the news of his death broke. "The depression that has slowly been eating me away has finally gobbled me up". SM said in a statement : "Hello, this is SM Entertainment ". In a press release later on the same day, it stated that " Jonghyun has suddenly left us". Read More »

United States government names North Korea as the source of WannaCry


The attack is said to have hit more than 300,000 computers in 150 nations, causing billions of dollars of damage. The US is not the only country that attributes the WannaCry attack to North Korea, Bossert adds. The North Korean soldier, 24-year-old Oh Chong Song, was transferred to the military hospital last Friday from a trauma centre at Ajou University Hospital, south of Seoul, where his treatment for gunshot wounds and pre-existing conditions included two major operations. Read More »

Air service between Moscow and Cairo will resume on February 1

The drop in tourism revenues, a main source of foreign hard currency, exacerbated a dollar shortage in Egypt that in turn affected imports. Flights between the countries were suspended in 2015 after a Russian passenger aircraft was downed over the Sinai killing 224 people on board. Read More »

Multiple injured after ski lift malfunctions in Tussey Mountain resort


There were at least five minor injuries reported, Smail said. Ski resort officials say a ski lift malfunctioned, sending one chair sliding into the chair behind it and causing a domino effect. The ski resort later apologized and said at the time they were under the impression it was exclusively a malfunction and were not aware of the injuries. Read More »

Putin thanks Trump for helping to foil terror attack plot

Petersburg. The White House said in a statement that "terrorists" were captured before an attack "that could have killed large numbers of people", the BBC reported. The White House says U.S. intelligence services were pleased to have helped thwart a terrorist plot in Russian Federation that "could have killed large numbers of people". Read More »

Putin praises Trump, blames 'spy mania' for meddling claims


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on Russian Federation and China to do more to pressure North Korea, and charged that Moscow continues to employ North Korean workers in "slave-like conditions". But Russia is inextricably linked to any discussions regarding North Korea, so Trump also doesn't have much of a choice. Tillerson's remarks before the United Nations council appeared to backtrack some on overtures he made to North Korea earlier this week to open peace talks. Read More »

Trump Transition Team Is Claiming Mueller Unlawfully Obtained Campaign E-mails


The letter also makes a specific claim about communication between the government and the campaign - that Richard Beckler, then the general counsel of the GSA, "acknowledged unequivocally to [the Trump campaign's] legal counsel" in a June 15 discussion that the Trump campaign "owned and controlled" emails, and that "any requests for the production of PTT records would therefore be routed to legal counsel for [the Trump campaign]". Read More »

Akshay Kumar's PadMan trailer is here!


Yes, we are talking about Akshay Kumar starrer Padman , the trailer of which has just come out. The trailer of one of the most awaited upcoming films of 2018 is here. Akshay has a way of imparting significant and the important messages through engaging films. It is billed as the most progressive family entertainer yet, starring worldwide megastar Akshay Kumar who assumes the titular role of Arunachalam Muruganantham to once again showcase his commitment to social entertainers. Read More »

Haley Says Iran Must Stop Destabilizing Behavior


The crisis has deteriorated under Saudi Arabia's month-long blockade of desperately needed aid supplies in Yemen, where almost 70 percent of the population depends on foreign aid to survive. It also prohibits Iran from transferring weapons capable of delivering nuclear warheads. But the report , while citing military materiel presented by Saudi Arabia, stops short of fully embracing Haley's conclusions, saying that the U.N. Read More »

Tavis Smiley Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegations And Suspension From PBS


Only after being threatened with a lawsuit, did PBS investigators reluctantly agree to interview me for three hours . "Tavis' misogyny is always creeping around , barely camouflaged by Midwestern good manners in line with the most duplicitous guys who always open doors, buy flowers and carry luggage until their girlfriends end up scrambling for some hotline 800 number", wrote Hyzagi, who then relays that Smiley gave him an order to not say anything about his new friend to anyone at work. Read More »

Mattis: North Korea short of posing imminent missile threat


Earlier this week at a policy forum in Washington, Tillerson had underlined that the United States was seeking a diplomatic opening for negotiations with North Korea on ending its nuclear program and, for the first time, offered "talks with no preconditions". Read More »

Pre-Roll Ads Are Coming To Facebook Inc (FB) Watch


According to a report from Digiday , several publishers learned the internet giant aims to discontinue a program that put money in the pockets of outlets creating monthly video content for the News Feed. It [Facebook] said the initial test it carried out showed that satisfaction improved by 18 percent when Ad Breaks were delayed. The ads would likely be before Watch content, Facebook's TV-style show content. Read More »

Personal Law Board Says Punishment In Triple Talaq Unclear


The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill , also known as the Triple Talaq bill, will be picked up in the winter session of the Parliament which began on Friday. Muslim scholars and jurists argue that concurrent talaq or triple talaq in one go has never been approved by Prphet Mohammad (peace be upon him), during the tenure of first Caliph Abu Bakr (RA) and the first two years of Caliph Omar's caliphate. Read More »

Snow expected to make Friday afternoon's commute pretty nasty


Around 1 to 2 inches of snow is forecast for most of the New York City area, but some areas may see more than 2 inches, especially eastern Long Island and parts of coastal New Jersey. on Friday became heavier by sunset. Humidity is also expected to be relatively low and winds are expected to gust from the south and southwest. There's a 40 percent chance for rain on Saturday night after midnight and a low around 40 expected. Read More »

Britain First deputy Fransen re-arrested after court appearance on hate charges


Ms Fransen broke the news of his arrested on Twitter and revealed the police have also applied to the court to ban her from making public speeches and from using social media while she awaits the conclusion of her case. She raised her fist skyward in the dock after she was granted bail at Belfast Magistrates' Court, while around a dozen supporters clapped and cheered in the public gallery. Read More »