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Venkaiah Naidu on being elected Vice President


Out of 771 votes polled, 11 were declared invalid. Assistant Returning Officer Mukul Pandey told reporters that 96.94 percent (761 out of 785) members eligible to cast vote have exercised their franchise till 3 pm. Mr Gandhi said he was more than satisfied with the number of votes he had got. Born in 1949 in Nellore district of what is today Andhra Pradesh, Naidu cut his teeth in student politics . Read More »

Russia's Lavrov, US's Tillerson to meet August 6-8


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his USA counterpart Rex Tillerson discussed North Korea over the phone, Russia's Foreign Ministry said Thursday. The US and China can have a productive relationship if the two countries can work together on the issue of North Korea. Thornton said Tillerson would continue to press China on the South China Sea issue while in Asia, where the United State has been pressing for rapid adoption of a code of conduct over competing territorial claims. Read More »

Changes to the National Security Council


POTUS, along with national security adviser H.R. McMaster and chief strategist Steve Bannon, are trying to figure out what exactly we should be doing in Afghanistan, where the USA has been at war for 16 years, but McMaster is having some trouble getting his ideas through because Trump - the commander-in-chief of the USA military - has the attention span of a first grader . Read More »

Where is Donald Trump spending his first summer holiday as President?


Anti-Trump activists have been staging a weekly "People's Motorcade", driving slowly down the road past Trump National and honking their horns. "What's he going to do on vacation, run the country?" another social media user wondered. The renovation was originally approved by the Obama administration. At his New Jersey hamlet, Trump will be able to engage in his favorite hobby: golf. Read More »

United States issues ban on travel to North Korea


But the consensus driven organization is reluctant to take punitive action, and is expected to call for all sides to reduce tensions through dialogue, more in accordance with China's position. He also said President Trump promised him "if there's going to be a war to stop them, it will be over there". But, she continued, "we think that they can do a lot more". Read More »

FNC Host & Former Defense Attorney on Mueller Investigation: Where Is The Crime?


He said prosecutors should instead focus on finding Hillary Clinton's deleted emails. A spokesman for Mueller declined comment. " Grand jury matters are typically secret", Cobb said. There were no Russians in our campaign. Who called for a grand jury? Grand juries are used in only a handful of countries. "The White House favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work fairly", Cobb said in a statement. Read More »

Trump hits new low with white non-college voters

During that time span, Trump dismissed both his chief of staff, Reince Priebus , and his communications director, Anthony Scaramucci , while the Senate rejected a Trump-supported effort to repeal the national health care act signed into law seven years ago by former President Barack Obama. Read More »

Rajya Sabha polls will have the Nota option


A bench comprising Justices Dipak Misra, Amitava Roy and A.M. Khanwilkar, however, agreed to examine the constitutional validity of the August 1 notification of the EC allowing the NOTA option. "We are in power in most states and since the Rajya Sabha is a council of the states, the strength of the BJP has to be reflected", he said. "Why are you so late in raising the question?" the bench asked, according to ANI . Read More »

WATCH Michelle Carter Sentencing In Teen Text Killer Case


A prosecutor has urged the maximum of 20 years' imprisonment for a MA woman who sent numerous text messages urging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself. Roy", Moniz said while reading the verdict in June. "She was the one on the other end goading him", Flynn said of Carter's family. The Massachusetts woman recently was found guilty of encouraging Conrad Roy III to commit suicide after sending him thousands of sadistic text messages. Read More »

U.S. bans travel to North Korea from September 1


China's Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr Liu Jieyi, said: "No matter how capable China is, China's efforts will not yield practical results because it depends on the two principal parties (the U.S. we are not your threat". "We are trying to convey to the North Koreans we are not your enemy, we are not your threat , but you are presenting an unacceptable threat to us, and we have to respond". Read More »

US, Japan taking action against North Korea after latest missile launch


Nikki Haley , American ambassador to the United Nations, said Beijing "must decide if it is finally willing to take this vital step" of taking on North Korea . However, US defence secretary James Mattis warned last month that a conflict could result in tragedy "on an unbelievable scale". Lack of re-entry capability, along with lack of advanced guidance technology, were both cited as problems with the previous test as well. Read More »

Trump is right about China


But China can't solve the nuclear crisis on its own. In a statement after the launch , US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that "China and Russian Federation bear unique and special responsibility" for North Korea's "growing threat to regional and global stability". Read More »

China to Trump: stop with the "emotional venting" on Twitter

While the USA should remain open to foreign investment, the security threat posed by China's continued trade arrangements with North Korea justifies suspending approval of all CFIUS covered transactions where Chinese entities could gain a controlling interest. Read More »

China issues position document on Indian border troop trespass


The ministry argued saying, "To cross a delimited boundary and enter the territory of a neighboring country on the grounds of so-called "security concerns", for whatever activities, runs counter to the basic principles of global law and basic norms governing worldwide relations". Read More »

Trump Host Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue for New Announcement


The bill aims to alter the US immigration system to favor immigrants who speak English, have financial stability and demonstrate useful skills. "But when only 1 out of every 15 immigrants arrives in the United States on a skills-based visa, the majority of the remaining immigrants are either low-skill or unskilled". Read More »