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High numbers of humpback whales dying off Atlantic coast


But although this is the first humpback whale death in 2017, this is the fourth humpback whale death in DE in a year-span, from 2016 to the present, which Thurman said is alarming. "Most large whales, when they're feeding, they're engaged in feeding and probably relatively oblivious to things around them, including large ships coming towards them", Silber said. Read More »

China talking with European Space Agency about moon outpost


But when going farther away from our blue cradle, crews will have to rely on on-site resources for food and oxygen. The greenhouses will grow crops for the early explorers and at the same time clean the air they breathe, forming a critical component of the life support system. Read More »

Saturn's moon Enceladus has ideal conditions for life


This finding led to the conclusion that microbes on the moon can get energy through a process known as methanogenesis - which is carried out by combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide present in water. Cassini, an unmanned NASA spacecraft, has detected hydrogen molecules in geysers shooting off the moon Enceladus. Plume's composition:Cassini also sampled the plume's composition during flybys earlier in the mission. Read More »

Thousands brave rain at Washington science march

Global event aimed to promote an understanding of science and defend it from proposed government budget cuts. The White House said in a statement that " rigorous science " was critical to achieving "the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection". Read More »

Mario Kart 8 Switch Controller Restrictions are Weird


Time Trials, Grand Prix, and the ultra hard 200cc mode are some of the most challenging in the game. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe makes it flawless to use on Nintendo Switch: If you are in love with the new Nintendo Switch which was released on March 3, 2017, Mario gives you more reason to love. Read More »

Senate Russia Probe Going to Plan, Says Lankford

It came on the heels of Sen. The House and Senate intelligence committees' probes into Russia's interference in the 2016 elections are the primary investigations coming from the Capitol, but two other panels are also digging in with their own efforts - drawing new attention this week. Read More »

NASA Teases 'Ocean Worlds' on Moons of Jupiter, Saturn

Image: There is said to a vast ocean buried deep beneath Enceladus' surface. The presence of ample hydrogen in the moon's ocean means that microbes - if any exist there - could use it to obtain energy by combining the hydrogen with carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. Read More »

Google launches Indian Language support across products


Aiming to bring a billion people online and make the web more useful for them, Google India on Tuesday unveiled new products on advancement in machine learning for Indian languages. With today's launches (GNMT and Gboard for 22 Indian tongues), Google is making sure it isn't left behind in the linguistic domain, an area where a lot of local competitors have come up and have offered decent solutions to cater to this large non English speaking populace. Read More »

India plans to tag millions of cows to curb smuggling


The report submitted to the Supreme Court suggests that the state government is primarily accountable for the security of the abandoned animals . Each district, the committee suggested, should have a shelter home of 500-capacity for abandoned animals to help reduce smuggling and such units should be funded by the state. Read More »

Call Of Duty: WWII Is On The Way


Sledgehammer moved the game to a near-future setting with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in 2014, and Infinity Ward took the franchise into science fiction with last year's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Now, taking the game back to its roots could be the winning strategy for the franchise. Interestingly, there was no projected release date for the upcoming shooter. Read More »

Controversial dossier used to justify monitoring Trump associate


It is unclear exactly what about Mr. Page's visit caught the F.B.I.'s attention: meetings he had during his three days in Moscow, intercepted communications of Russian officials speaking about him, or something else. But last week he acknowledged in a statement that he "shared basic immaterial information and publicly available research documents" with Russian spy Victor Podobnyy. Read More »

Trump eyes changes to Obama's tax and Wall Street rules

Donald Trump plans to unveil a major tax reform package on Wednesday, aiming to blunt criticism over a lack of legislative achievements and his refusal to release his own tax returns. Once it does, it will head to Capitol Hill, where Trump, Mnuchin and their aides will have to garner the support of the often-fractious House Republican caucus. Read More »

Trump Says He'll Mark 100 Days With Pennsylvania Rally

The president announced around this time that he wouldn't be attending this year's White House Correspondence Dinner. USA president Donald Trump has pledged to mark his 100th day in office with a "BIG" rally in Pennsylvania. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump walks to the stage at a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida , U.S., September 9, 2016. Trump's rally will fall on the same night as the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, which the president and his aides ... Read More »

Video Shows Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Tricked By A Photo


Previous leaks suggested that the device will come in two versions - the Samsung Galaxy X1 and the Samsung Galaxy X1 Plus although specifics about it all are still murky. It doesn't look like they have, though it could just be down to the software being in an early, unreleased state - and maybe, just maybe it'll be fixed before the device goes on sale on April 21. Read More »

Pro-Trump, anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley, California

According to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office arrest log, 15 people were arrested on suspicion of committing felonies, and 15 others were arrested on suspicion of committing misdemeanors. In a video earlier this year, she said: "While we should never start a fight we should always end it". Anyone with photos or videos of the event is asked to share them with police by sending them to or Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8 won't get Bixby Voice features from the day one

English later this spring , and will expand to more languages globally over time". " Bixby Voice will be available in the United States on the Galaxy S8 later this spring". The delay is an embarrassing hiccup for Samsung . Bixby Voice is the feature that allows the user to control select Samsung apps using only their voice. Read More »