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Climate strike call goes out

14 March 2019

Max Prestigiacomo of Middleton High School and Sophie Guthier of Memorial High School are two of the students planning the strike. These young people know that they can't wait until they get through their education before the impacts of climate change will be locked in, permanent and irreversible. Edward Markey, but goes further by calling for 100 percent renewable energy, instead of "net-zero emissions", by 2030. "So if adults aren't going to act on their own, young people will make them", said Climate Reality Project in a Tuesday statement.

In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister condemned the climate strike as wasteful of teachers' time.

"The situation we are in right now with climate change can not wait until we finish school", Ms Denman said. While led by young people themselves, there are plenty of parents, teachers and others supporting their action and involvement.

The group is also demanding the creation of a committee-with subpoena power-to "oversee implementation of the Green New Deal", and the declaration of a National Emergency on Climate Change.

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Ardern said great strides had been made in attitudes towards climate change over the years. Therefore, you have to call a "Global Strike For the Future".

That's because world leaders only have 11 more years to avoid disastrous levels of global warming, according to a 2018 report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I wish we could live in a country where I could go to school every day with the reassurance that my government was taking care of me and my future. We miss school not because we want to, but because we have no other alternative to have our voices heard by our government.

"We weren't aware of the school strike in November".

"We are striking because if the social order is disrupted by our refusal to attend school, then the system is forced to face the climate crisis and enact change", said the platform posted online.

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"I think a big reason why my mum and my dad are so supportive is that they've always pressed that as people who have privilege it is our job to speak out for people who do not", she says.

Our current politicians aren't listening, so we want to recruit candidates across the country to run for us and the climate.

What qualities do you hope to see in the person elected to represent your electorate at the next federal election? .

Richard Andrews, who shared the poster online, said: "The young people of the world are in danger of having a future blighted by starvation, droughts and war and possibly extinction of the human race".

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In France, the message scrawled on posters in the street is more pointed: "In 2050 you will be dead, not us".

Climate strike call goes out