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New Tesla Superchargers Promise 50 Percent Faster Charging

08 March 2019

Tesla believes charging times using the V3 Supercharger will fall to around 15 minutes per vehicle, which at peak rates means 225 miles of charge is replenished. When an owner navigates to a charging station, their vehicle will make sure the battery is raised to an optimal temperature when they arrive which Tesla says can reduce average charge times by 25 percent. It's called the V3 Supercharger, and it can support up to 250kW per auto, from a cabinet that's rated at 1MW. Once operational, it allows an electric vehicle to recharge at up to 250kW, which translates to 1,000 miles per hour, or 75 miles of charge in just five minutes.

The company is also rolling out a new feature called On Route Battery Warmup, which will heat your car's battery to the optimum temperature for efficient charging when you navigate to a Supercharger station - an update the company says will cut average charging times by 25%.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the carmaker said in a blog post that the new V3 Supercharger will boast charging rates of up to 250 kW.

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V3 is a completely new architecture for Supercharging.

Tesla adds that all its V2 Superchargers will be upgraded imminently, too, giving 145kW charge rates. Although the rates are initially for Model 3, the company will boost Model S and Model X speeds "in the coming months". At launch, only Model 3 owners will be able to use V3 Supercharging. The first V3 Supercharger sites in Europe and Asia are due in the final quarter of the year.

The new faster stations, the logic improvements, and the increase in speed on the V2 Supercharging network translates to less time spent charging and higher throughput at the new V3 Superchargers.

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For now, Tesla has opened the one public beta V3 Supercharger in Fremont, California.

Tesla now has more than 12,000 Supercharger sites in North America and says it plans to have coverage for 99% of the European population by the end of the year.

The good news for Tesla owners doesn't end there, though.

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New Tesla Superchargers Promise 50 Percent Faster Charging