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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield coming to Switch in late 2019

01 March 2019

Both games take place in the Galar region, featuring cities, snow-covered plains, and mountains to explore.

As part of the celebrations, Kanto Pokemon will appear more frequently. Pokemon Day happens every year on February 27. While we don't have any screenshots of the starters in-game, we do see Pikachu and Minccino in one of them.

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The game will be set in the Galar region, which is described as an "expansive region with many environments".

During the direct, the first trailer was shown, giving us a look at the distinct cel-shaded art-style that's never been seen before in a Pokemon game.

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However there are signs of strong demand for Switch software, with two beginner-friendly "Pokemon Let's Go" titles for the console that launched in November shifting 10 million copies in less than two months.

The new starters were revealed to be the Chimp Pokemon Grookey, a Rabbit Pokemon called Scorbunny and a Water-lizard called Sobble.

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Nintendo promised many more Pokemon surprises for the year ahead, so check back for new information. Obviously, I'm not saying that Nintendo and Game Freak should turn the Pokemon franchise on its head, but I think it's entirely possible to make some meaningful changes to a long-running franchise while keeping it just as accessible as it's always been to young players. We don't have a whole lot to share about how this Pokemon will be in battle though.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield coming to Switch in late 2019