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Main » Top US official discussed Trump removal in 2017, says ex-FBI chief

Top US official discussed Trump removal in 2017, says ex-FBI chief

18 February 2019

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham vowed to investigate the claims, saying they were an "attempted bureaucratic coup".

McCabe also said in an interview aired Sunday on "60 Minutes" that the FBI had good reason to investigate whether Trump was in league with Russian Federation following the May 2017 firing of FBI Director James Comey.

"I can't confirm that", he said.

As North Korea ramped up its nuclear program, building missiles that most experts agree could hit the continental United States, U.S. President Donald Trump told officials that Russian leader Vladimir Putin had reassured him that Pyongyang did not possess such weapons - a claim Trump believed, according to the fired former acting Federal Bureau of Investigation chief.

Donald Trump began the annual President's Day holiday on Monday by labeling as "treasonous" a pair of reported plots by senior Justice Department officials to secretly record him in the Oval Office and gather support for removing him from power.

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When the allegations first emerged in the New York Times, Mr Rosenstein said the report was "inaccurate and factually incorrect".

It provides additional insight into discussions that have returned to the spotlight in Washington as fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe revisits the matter during interviews promoting his forthcoming book.

Still, McCabe called the exchange over the North Korean missiles and Putin "astounding".

The statement released by a Justice Department spokesperson late last week again also denied that Rosenstein pursued the 25th Amendment but it did not address whether the topic was raised.

"Rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort", McCabe, who became acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director after Comey's dismissal, said.

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McCabe was sacked on the recommendation of the Department of Justice's inspector general in March, just two days before he was set to retire and receive his government pension. I can't even describe for you how many things must have been coursing through the deputy attorney general's mind at that point.

"His selfish and destructive agenda drove him to open a completely baseless investigation into the president", White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders commented last week.

What was Sen Graham's response?

The powerful committee he chairs oversees the USA judiciary. The amendment, ratified after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 to clear up uncertainties over presidential and vice-presidential succession, has been used to replace a vice president - but never to remove a president.

Duties are transferred to the vice-president.

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Penn said McCabe wanted the investigation to proceed because they wanted to oust Trump, after being unable to invoke the 25th Amendment. In his discussions with Rosenstein about it, McCabe claims that Rosenstein was concerned if he appointed a special counsel, "it might mean he would lose his job".

Top US official discussed Trump removal in 2017, says ex-FBI chief