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Elizabeth Warren Announces She is Running for President in 2020

10 February 2019

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren officially launches her 2020 bid for the White House.

Warren also vowed to spend no time "sucking up to a bunch of big donors on Wall Street" and promised to run a campaign free of PAC money and billionaire donations.

The announcement came after a hard week for Warren.

Warren's 2020 announcement on Saturday follows a week in which she's taken major heat after a form years ago for the Texas bar came to light. "We can't afford to just tinker around the edges - a tax credit here, a regulation there".

The senator laid out her campaign's vision of "big, structural change", which includes tackling wealth inequality, overhauling the criminal justice system, addressing climate change and rooting out corruption in Washington, among other things.

"This is the fight of our lives". The decision to run marks a significant departure for Warren, who less than two years ago told her constituents in MA that she doesn't want to become president.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III will endorse fellow Massachusetts Democrat Sen. "Warren has left herself open on a couple fronts to pile on". And even a PAC called Stop Pocahontas.

Others anxious that the country isn't ready for a female president. "I want to see a revival of civic grace".

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Elizabeth Warren speaks outside Everett Mills during an event to formally launch her presidential campaign. The Green New Deal, supported by an array of Democrats, is a sweeping environmental initiative.

Ms Warren's crossover into politics began with her opposing what turned into a 2005 act limiting bankruptcy access for individuals. Edward J. Markey, along with local officials whom Warren has backed.

Although dominating headlines with criticism of President Donald Trump, whose administration she labeled Saturday the "most corrupt in living memory", the senior senator has some political baggage of her own.

After the rally, Warren headed to Dover, N.H., a town of 32,000 with a long history in now-faded industries like shipbuilding.

Warren later released DNA results that showed extremely minor traces of Native American ancestry, perhaps less than the average American.

She also said, "Get ready".

Warren frequently invokes her background of growing up in Oklahoma and recounts the emotional story of how her mother saved the family. "I will never give up on you", she said. "So once he's gone, we can't pretend that none of this ever happened". I have no idea if it's true, but it's always been part of the family story, and we've been proud of it.

"I'm not particularly paying attention to the noise and the distractions of any candidate, whether it's someone I support or not", she said.

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While Warren represents MA, she was born and raised in Oklahoma, attended college in New Jersey, and taught at law schools in Texas and Pennsylvania before teaching at Harvard.

"We must not allow those with power to weaponize hatred and bigotry to divide us", said Warren, who is 69, adding later, "Bigotry has no place in the Oval Office".

"I believe in an America of opportunity". "I am in this fight all the way". Nonwhite voters made up more than a quarter of the Democratic primary electorate in 2016.

We need to "clean up Washington", shouted Sen.

Lawrence, once part of a bustling USA textile industry, has for years fallen on hard times, with the loss of thousands of factory jobs.

In 1912, textile workers in Lawrence, many of them immigrant women, walked off the job and went on strike to protest wage cuts.

She also talked of her roots in Oklahoma. saying "when my daddy had a heart attack, my family almost tumbled over the financial cliff".

Donald Trump says he isn't concerned about potentially squaring off against Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 USA presidential election. Amy Klobuchar is announcing her bid Sunday in her home state of Minnesota. Bernie Sanders in 2016; Hillary Clinton, then a NY senator, in 2008; and then-Massachusetts Sen. In coming days, she plans events in Georgia, South Carolina, Nevada and California.

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Elizabeth Warren Announces She is Running for President in 2020