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Russian Federation says it will develop new ground-based missiles

06 February 2019

The reason for the subtle cold war is the USA fears of resurgent Russian Federation.

Many analysts say abandoning the 1987 treaty could effectively signal the start of a new arms race.

Effective Saturday, "the United States will suspend its obligations under the INF Treaty and begin the process of withdrawing from the INF Treaty, which will be completed in six months unless Russian Federation comes back into compliance by destroying all of its violating missiles, launchers and associated equipment", President Donald Trump said in a statement. Trump's announcement triggers the six-month period the treaty requires before full withdrawal.

Experts say the United States and Russian Federation abandoning of the INF treaty delivered a huge blow to the global arms control regime and worldwide security.

Background: The US withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed in 1987, on Friday.

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The INF agreement forbids ground-launched, short- and intermediate-range missiles, but not those launched from the air or sea - which Russian Federation already has.

The Russian leader previous year unveiled an array of new nuclear weapons, including the Avangard and the Poseidon, saying that they can't be intercepted.

"The issue of missiles under the treaty is directly linked to security in East Asia".

"It can not be excluded that one of the Poseidon with a 100 megaton nuclear warhead will lay low off the USA coast, becoming 'the doomsday weapon.' Thus an attack on Russian Federation, will become a suicidal misadventure", the paper states. He also claimed that Russia's 9M729 missile violates the INF treaty which bans missiles with ranges between 310 and 3,400 miles. The intelligence gathering and analysis arm of the U.S. Defense Department also pointed out in the report that China is promoting the development and deployment of new types of missiles including those created to attack enemy aircraft carriers, with the mind.

NATO has said that USA allies "fully support" its withdrawal from the pact, and agreed that Russia's 9M729 ground-launched cruise missile systems violates the treaty. However the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (now Russia) and the US may have put on their own strait jackets 32 years ago, it certainly doesn't suit either nation to stay within the agreement today. He had been pushing Trump to withdraw from the treaty with Russian Federation since 2018. He also accused the United States of seeking to make "ground-based missiles with a range capability of over 500 kilometers".

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The stern message came in response to Moscow's threats of countermeasures should the USA leave the INF, a move Russian President Vladimir Putin and a number of his top officials have said could destabilize the global arms control regime.

The French military tested its nuclear capability in an 11-hour mission, using a Rafale warplane and firing a real missile without its nuclear warhead.

President Trump has chosen to surround himself with unsafe advisors who, in defiance of President Reagan's vision, choose to put all humanity at risk by pursuing a perpetual nuclear arms race.

What is the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty?

For its part, the USA of Donald Trump has stoked Russian anxieties over American intentions by withdrawing from a number of multilateral accords - including the Iran nuclear deal - pursuing superiority in sea- and air-launched missile systems, and talking up development of a new ground-launched cruise missile.

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Russian Federation says it will develop new ground-based missiles