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Don't Miss the 'Super Blood Moon' Eclipse This Weekend

19 January 2019

The moon glowing red while it's in the Earth's shadow is typical for a full lunar eclipse because of how the planet's atmosphere bends light, Brothers said.

Astronomers said the super blood wolf moon eclipse may be darker than other lunar eclipses because of the closer proximity of Earth and moon.

Total eclipse will take place from 9:41 p.m. until 10:43 p.m., with maximum eclipse at 10:12 p.m.

Here's what you need to know about the Super Blood Wolf Moon if you want to check out the eclipse this weekend.

The next total lunar eclipse isn't expected to grace the skies until May 2021.

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As a part of a citizen science program, some observers around the Chicago area will be polled on the pigment of Sunday night's eclipse to establish a baseline.

Weather permitting, the entirety of North and South America will be able to witness the Earth cast its shadow upon the moon. The moon doesn't disappear from sight but does become "10,000 or so times dimmer than usual". Light with longer wavelengths - like orange and red - refract, or bend, around the Earth where it eventually reaches the moon. Higher frequencies at the blue end of the spectrum get absorbed completely in the atmosphere, but red light can pass through and reach the moon.

Finally, the eclipse will end at 2:48 a.m. EST (11:48 p.m. PST), when the moon is also fully out of the penumbra, according to NASA.

The January Full Moon will turn blood-red on the morning of Monday, January 21, here in the UK. Total lunar eclipses happen nearly every year, but this exact type of lunar eclipse happens every 18 years, said Brad Jolliff, a professor who studies lunar geochemistry at Washington University.

The eclipse will transition from penumbral to partial eclipse at about 8:34 p.m. MST. Why is it also called a Super Blood Wolf Moon?

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The good news is you do not have to go far to see it!

From start to finish, Sunday's lunar eclipse should last about five hours, according to figures released by NASA.

"A Blood Moon is one of the few opportunities we have to see both the Moon and the stars in the sky at the same time, since the Moon is usually too bright". The rest of Europe and Africa will also get a glimpse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

The viewing in front of Union Station begins at 9 p.m. and is free and open to the public. That can only happen when the moon is on the opposite side of Earth from the sun. "In Native American and early Colonial times, the full moon for January was called the Full Wolf Moon". At apogee (the most distant part), the moon is 252,000 miles (405,500 kilometers) away. Those in the western hemisphere will be treated to a rare celestial alignment known colloquially as the "super blood moon".

All three things will be happening at once: a super moon, lunar eclipse, and a full moon.

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Don't Miss the 'Super Blood Moon' Eclipse This Weekend