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Ellen DeGeneres Makes Pitch for Kevin Hart to Reconsider Hosting Oscars

05 January 2019

Ellen DeGeneres invited Hart on her talk show in an episode airing Friday - and it appears the daytime queen is attempting to broker peace between Hart and the Academy. The headlines are, "Kevin Hart refuses to apologize for homophobic tweets from the past.' The word 'again" was left out.

About the controversy, she said not to listen to the "haters", who she said were "a small group of people being very, very loud". I had to address those tweets in 2012 in a very, very heavy junket where I was asked questions about homophobia based on those tweets, and I had to address it and apologize and say I understand what those words do and how they hurt.

Hart also took the opportunity to apologize again for his previous statements, saying, "I stepped down because I'm not going to allow this to tarnish an incredible night for the other actors and actresses that are going to be on stage that night". I said, 'Kevin's on.

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It said: "Many who might appear flawless to host have sidestepped the job".

But Degeneres had Hart on her show this week, and the conversation turned serious as they addressed the Oscars ordeal and Hart's homophobic jokes. "It wasn't a coincidence that the day after I received the job, tweets somehow manifested from 2008", he said.

The awards show is set to air February 24 on ABC.

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Hart could theoretically return to the Oscars at any time and told DeGeneres he will "evaluate" their conversation. I was wrong. It'll never happen again and I'm sorry. You've done it. Don't let those people win.

In the interview Hart says that he's previously apologised for the comments, and that's not who he is anymore, but as a result, the backlash against him took the shine off the Oscars job. "We're a huge group of people who love you and want to see you host the Oscars", DeGeneres continued. "If people are going to evolve, what's the point of evolving if you're not going to move on?" DeGeneres faces scrutiny for being too lenient with a friend and using her own status as a famous and powerful gay person to let his previous comments go. And I think he should be allowed... Leaving here, I'm promising you I'm evaluating this conversation ...

Huntsman echoed Navarro and Hostin's take. "I have no idea if he wants to come back and host but what are your thoughts?'" DeGeneres said. "I'm glad it's as authentic and real as I could've hoped it would be", he added.

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Meghan McCain says it's Hart's apology that "hasn't really come up to snuff yet". Being LGBT and young in this country, especially in places where I'm from and the middle of the country, isn't always easy.

Ellen DeGeneres Makes Pitch for Kevin Hart to Reconsider Hosting Oscars