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Apple confirms that some 2018 iPad Pros are slightly bent

22 December 2018

Now users are actually seeking bend on their iPad Pro models at the same place. Interestingly, a writer for The Verge notified Apple about one of these bends in his own iPad Pro. Customers have reported slight bends on each the smaller and bigger-sized 2018 iPad Execs, and Apple says it is a facet impact of the iPad Pro's manufacturing course of.

In a comment to The Verge, an Apple spokesperson said that this is a side effect of the manufacturing process and doesn't affect iPad performance.

In fact, Apple doesn't even think of the curve as a defect.

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Apple confirmed as much to The Verge today (Dec. 19), saying some 2018 models feature the slight bend. The company says that it has not seen a higher than normal return rate for the device. JerryRigEverything does the build quality test of all gadgets and he found the new iPad Pro really weak.

Facepalm: Remember when Apple's new iPad Pro was shown to be prone to bending? That's your best option if you have purchased an iPad Pro with this issue and it bugs you.

Lately, owners of Apple's newest iPad Pro have been noticing a slight bent in their devices and complained about them, as per MacRumors.

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Surely, that is the last thing buyers having spent hundreds of dollars on a device will like to expect out of it though Apple has said that isn't too serious an issue. Its iPhone 6 Plus made headlines and garnered a lot of complaints following its release because of the "bendgate" controversy because the handset was prone to bending despite subjecting it to average use.

For what it's worth, neither the 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro MobileSyrup has at our office has experienced the issue. The issue comes from some questionable structural choices by Apple which include putting a microphone and the USB-C connector at the middle the iPad's side, reducing the overall durability of the side metal strip.

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Apple confirms that some 2018 iPad Pros are slightly bent