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Trump will not sign spending bill without wall funding, after conservatives fought

21 December 2018

Now, with a partial government shutdown looming if a deal to fund seven government agencies can't be concluded by December 21, President Trump has a flawless opportunity to follow through on his pledge while finally getting the border wall funding he has sought since the beginning of his presidency. "If you veto this bill we'll be there", Meadows said in a statement. I say to Congress: "I will NEVER sign another bill like this again", the President declared in March. "Yet while we are in debt to the tune now $21 trillion we are spending money left and right on things that are in direct contravention to what the objective of spending on the wall would be!"

Trump has refused to state publicly whether he will accept a funding bill without wall money, renewing the prospect of a partial government shutdown.

The President is also feeling the heat from his conservative backers over the wall, which was a central promise of his 2016 campaign.

The third-ranking House Republican said the Republican majority will try to add that money along with disaster aid for hurricane and wildfire victims.

"I don't know anybody that's ready to vote for this", he said.

A partial shutdown would hit agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the departments of Homeland Security, Treasury, Justice and Interior.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is playing down the possibility of a shutdown.

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Congress needs to pass a continuing resolution in order to fund the government after Friday. "It didn't happen!" he wrote after a phone conversation with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"We just had a very long, productive meeting with the president", Ryan told reporters after a handful of House Republicans huddled with the president for more than an hour.

For the time being, nothing, not a wall or a fence or a bunch of slats, is getting built, no matter what that GoFundMe campaign claims.

On Twitter, Mr Trump appeared to respond to criticism by insisting that "one way or the other, we will win on the Wall!"

Hunt added that "one GOP member of Congress" told her, "That's what the fuck serving in Congress has come to".

Trump had originally demanded $5 billion to begin building the wall this year, but White House officials said earlier this week that he was willing to settle for far less.

Trump has promised Mexico will pay for the wall, a claim Mexico rejects.

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Hard-right conservative pundits and lawmakers have urged Trump to push for border wall funding now, even if it leads to a shutdown, arguing that it would be impossible to get once Democrats take control of the House on January 3.

Conservative groups, in a odd twist of politics, say they're grateful to Democrats for fighting President Donald Trump's border wall. But they could not assure skeptical caucus members that Trump would sign the bill into law.

The President has been unusually quiet about the issue on Wednesday, holding his tongue as some conservative commentators and lawmakers blast him for abandoning his commitment.

The problem, critics say, is that if a border wall deal isn't struck now, it may have no chance of passing in the next Congress, when Democrats control the House.

"When I begrudgingly signed the Omnibus Bill, I was promised the Wall and Border Security by leadership".

But instead of resolving the budget impasse with a funding bill to keep several federal agencies operating through next September, the end of this fiscal year, the Senate approved only a seven-week extension of existing funds.

Congress did pass legislation to fund much of the government through the current budget year, until next October 1. There have been reports that some conservative lawmakers urged Trump to veto it.

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In that scenario, it is unclear how Trump would respond, House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions said.

Trump will not sign spending bill without wall funding, after conservatives fought