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Huawei Asks Govt For Security Threat Proof

21 December 2018

Hu said he's seen no immediate impact on Huawei's business stemming from the allegations against Meng, reaffirming that the company's revenue will surpass $100 billion this year.

Huawei is the world's largest supplier of telecommunications network equipment and the second-biggest maker of smartphones, with revenue of about US$92 billion a year ago.

Sources have told Reuters that Japan planned to ban government purchases of equipment.

Hu says there have been cases where countries have used 5G issues as "an excuse groundless speculation based on ideological or geopolitical considerations".

Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, was arrested in Canada on december 1 at the request of the United States, which wants her extradited to face charges that she and her company misled banks about the company's business dealings in Iran.

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Hu on Tuesday highlighted that the company looks forward to a just conclusion of Meng's case.

He said governments don't have to disclose information publicly, but at least should show proof to phone companies that would be blocked from using Huawei technology.

The telecommunications equipment provider has been facing market challenges as Australia and New Zealand joined the US and the U.K.in banning Huawei's 5G technology. Hu said that Huawei's presence could reduce the cost from 15 to 40% in setting up the 5G network, an industry that is expected to hit $20 billion mark globally by 2022.

The National Post newspaper said the latest detainee was a Canadian woman who was teaching English in China and was held because of "visa complications". The company has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Huawei, which is the biggest supplier of telecommunication equipment around the world and a leader in 5G development has been facing a backlash from governments across the world for not being secure.

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Earlier this week, Germany said it hadn't found any evidence that Huawei's equipment sold on the local market or elsewhere is involved in cyberespionage.

December 9: China summons the American ambassador to China to lodge similar complaints about Meng's case and demand the USA rescind the order for her arrest.

The other elephant in the room regarding Huawei's CFO was also touched upon. Use of these devices presents a security threat, it says.

In response to a question, Hu said that neither the U.S. nor Australia had given any specific reasons for the ban that both countries have imposed on Huawei equipment.

Although Huawei has not been able to sell equipment or smartphones to the major wireless network operators in the USA, a large number of small and regional wireless network operators do use equipment from Huawei.

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Huawei Asks Govt For Security Threat Proof