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Pakistan will no longer fight someone else’s war, says Imran Khan

08 December 2018

On the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008, Khan said: "We also want something done about the bombers of Mumbai".

Some 14,000 US soldiers are now serving in Afghanistan, and McKenzie couldn't say how much longer the United States would remain in the country. Now I'm happy that everyone realises there is only a political solution.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg made the comments following the two-day talks ending on December 5, the day after a top USA general said the death toll among Afghanistan's security forces will no longer be sustainable unless urgent measures are taken. Battered and bruised again, say shortly before the Afghan presidential elections? The US has satellites and drones.

"We will no longer fight someone else's war, nor will we bow down in front of anyone", the former cricketer said.

"Now those who always said "do more" are now demanding cooperation for talks in Afghan peace", said the PM.

He further asserted that "if there are a few hundred, maybe 2,000 to 3,000 Taliban who move into Pakistan, they could easily move into these Afghan refugee camps".

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As the U.S. continue to ask Pakistan to do more regarding the reported terror sanctuaries in the country, the PM asserted that "there are no sanctuaries in Pakistan" as he ruled out the presence of Taliban in the country.

On the USA allegations that Pakistan harbours Taliban, the premier recalled that "in the 1980s, we collaborated with the the Soviet jihad there".

The US has basically pushed Pakistan away, he told the newspaper. They also said that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is working on the Pakistani response. Then, in 1989, when the Soviets packed up and left, the United States did too.

The renewed North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitment came in a week when the Marine officer nominated to command US forces in the Middle East warned that the fight there is at a stalemate and the number of Afghan troop deaths in the war is not sustainable. He held the United States authorities and Afghan government responsible for failing to restore peace and stability across Afghanistan.

Families of Taliban leaders and fighters are believed to be residing among among almost three million Afghan refugees Pakistan still hosts.

"The ruling party [in India] has an anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan approach", he pointed out.

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During last month's exchange with Mr Trump, the Pakistani leader said his country had suffered 75,000 casualties and lost $123bn (£95.7bn) during America's so-called war on terror despite no one from his country being involved in the 9/11 attacks.

"As I said our goal here grounded in the objective realities is that there needs to be a settlement that comes from within the society so that it is broadly accepted by the society and therefore has a good chance of being implemented", he said.

The prime minister reiterated his plan to end poverty from the country, with or without the International Monetary Fund's programme, vowing that an IMF bailout, if availed, will be the last.

It is in Pakistan's long-term interest to have a government in Afghanistan that is stable, and that that they can do business with, he said.

"I had gone on television and warned everyone that we will stand by the Supreme Court verdict", he recalled. In his first interview to foreign media, PM Khan had said that he has asked his government to find out the status of the case.

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Pakistan will no longer fight someone else’s war, says Imran Khan