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'Fortnite' season seven adds planes, custom weapons and lots of ice

08 December 2018

For the metal turtle location in Fortnite, you'll need to venture over to the east side of the map. For you chill and thrill seekers, the new Frosty Flights location and Expedition outposts are outfitted with the new Stormwing planes so you can take to the skies.

The rest of the map, however, has been drastically changed with the entire southwestern section having been completely changed with the Season 7 update.

Season 7 Week 1 Loading Screen

The massive season changeover is seeing some pretty impressive additions to the game, from a whole new mode to interesting new items.

Yes, you can have players ride along on both of the wings and the tail. It has a distinct Minecraft vibe, but with Fortnite's robust competitive rulesets to play with, and stands out as a unique feature among the big battle royale games.

US Marine planes crash: Search and rescue off the coast of Japan
In a statement, the Marine Corps said the planes had taken off from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in southern Japan. The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet is a fighter and attack aircraft and can carry a wide range of missiles and bombs.

Epic Games has revealed that Risky Reels has been destroyed, and replaced with a rotating selection of player-created builds on an area named The Block.

Reddit user "eamonn25" put together a heat map of sorts to show all the areas that have been affected by the many changes of Fortnite.

SpaceX breaks 4 records with Falcon 9 launch from California
The International Space Station now has six crewmembers; three arrived Monday (Dec. 3), and three have been there since June. Kononenko arrived at the station Monday along with Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques and NASA astronaut Anne McClain.

Downtime for the release of Season 7 will begin within the next 45 minutes and it looks like we have the official trailer for Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 challenges is up now so here is a handy world map with a cheat sheet to help you complete them. Developer in partnership with Chair Entertainment back in 2010, Infinity Blade was the first IOS game to run on the Unreal Engine.

Louis awarded XFL franchise
It's still a long wait for opening day in 2020, but this gives McMahon and Luck enough time to avoid past failures. McMahon is expected to spend almost $500million over the first three years of the league, according to reports.

'Fortnite' season seven adds planes, custom weapons and lots of ice