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The New Poster for Captain Marvel Shines Bright!

03 December 2018

In addition to this spectacular new poster, Marvel Studios announced that the new trailer for Captain Marvel will debut at halftime during the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles game on ESPN's Monday Night Football on December 3. The first trailer for Avengers 4 might also finally see the light of day on 5 December, according to Cinema Blend.

With these three big releases this week, surely it's possible the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer could arrive too?

Here's a New 'Captain Marvel' Poster Ahead of Tomorrow's Trailer

Well, if the Avengers 4 trailer will drop on coming Monday, then it will give nearly six months to fans to speculate and come up with different theories before the official release. Fans are completely freaking out, and definitely can't wait to see the sequel of Infinity War. First of all, Marvel movies have been getting better and better as they get bigger (and they are very big), using their resources for uncommon means like hiring the director of a vampire mockumentary from New Zealand to direct Thor: Ragnarok, one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Slowly the release date was rumored to be in this week itself. After all, Captain Marvel does take place in the 90s, back when Fury had two working eyes, and he wasn't yet the commander of SHIELD.

The next film in the MCU is Captain Marvel.

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It's been teased by Hollywood insiders that this week is going be fantastic for Marvel fans.

Power up: Captain Marvel's got a new poster.

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The 15-second clip above reshuffles footage from the previous trailer, so there's nothing juicy in it other than the confirmation that the video will be released at halftime. So if the Avengers 4 trailer releases on Wednesday then these trailers may fade away.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019.

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The New Poster for Captain Marvel Shines Bright!