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Know Your HIV Status and Take Control

02 December 2018

Like other parts of the globe, World AIDS Day was also observed in Pakistan on Saturday to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and demonstrate global solidarity in the face of the pandemic.

The fact that the number of deaths among those on treatment and those that are not is nearly the same is an indication that there is a serious problem. In 2017, TCE in Namibia reached 50,623 people with testing, of whom 3,917 tested HIV positive.

"The number of defaulters is becoming a concern".

In France alone, Agnes Buzyn, the health minister, said some 6000 new cases of HIV were diagnosed in 2016, down five percent from 2013. "That's why we are reducing the number of new infections but HIV-related deaths continue to grow", Dr Oketch said.

Powell defends Fed charge hikes amid Trump onslaught
The US Federal Reserve Chairman has raised speculation the Fed might start easing-off on its series of rate hikes. His clarification Wednesday didn't otherwise indicate any substantive change in the Fed's policy plans.

More than half of respondents living with HIV reported negative or different treatment by health workers (52%). "Yet so much of LGBT culture also marked by this spectre of HIV, something that has led to an incredible sense of fear about the disease".

More than 77 million people around the world have become infected with HIV since the epidemic emerged in the 1980s, according to UNAIDS.

A voluntary HIV test was conducted by the ICTC team, whereby 70 volunteered for the test.

Health expert Dr Sharif Astori from Federal Government Poly Clinic (FGPC) said that the most advanced stage of HIV infection is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which can take from 2 to 15 years to develop depending on the individual.

First Lady in Virginia for opioid town hall discussion at Liberty University
The First Lady defended her choice of decor when speaking at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia on Wednesday. As the crowd erupted in applause, Trump added: "In real life, they look even more attractive ".

He shared that he's now "HIV positive undetectable".

"Their reluctance to make the HIV prevention drug PrEP available on the NHS is disgraceful".

People Living with HIV, by the UNSW Sydney Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH), is jointly released today with The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisation (AFAO). "These drugs are tremendously valuable in giving an excellent quality of life", he said.

To combat the spread of HIV, Chinese universities across the country have launched awareness campaigns, which include hanging a lot of red banners and handing out booklets on AIDS - some over 80 pages thick! - to students.

Workers return to GM's Canada plant; union to meet Trudeau
Oshawa MPP Jennifer French, a New Democrat, told CP24 that "if the news is true", then Oshawa is "bracing ourselves for a fight". Oshawa now makes the Impala, a model which some suspect is headed for extinction. "It was right for closure".

But there was one key difference, he said - numerous experimental drugs the 1980s clubs imported proved to be ineffective, whereas PrEP has been shown to work. He said it's been interesting to see how the community has changed over the years. Lungalang emphasised on the need to know the roots causing the deadly disease and also reminded the students about the state of Nagaland being the most infected in India.

Know Your HIV Status and Take Control