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Massive Australian cow almost as tall as Michael Jordan goes viral

28 November 2018

In case you haven't caught up, the seven-year-old Holstein Friesian is unofficially Australia's biggest steer, standing 194cm tall and weighing 1.4 tonnes.

Pearson says he bought Knickers for $400 to act as a steer, which serves the goal of leading other cattle.

Owner Geoff Pearson told local news he can't bring himself to slaughter Knickers and, even if he could, he'd be too heavy to put through a processing facility.

"Knickers lives on", Pearson told the BBC. In August 2014, Blossom a 190cm-tall American Holstein, was awarded the record for the world's tallest cow but died just a year after being officially recognised by the record books.

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"We have a high turnover of cattle and he was lucky enough to stay behind".

Knickers the steer is a bit on the shy side, but the bovine behemoth tends to stick out from the herd.

"We all know when Knickers is on the move", he said.

As for Knickers, he'll need a hell of a lot of cow-moo-flage to hide in plain sight.

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He received his unusual name due to his owner already owning a Brahman steer, named "Bra". "So his name was bra... so we [had] bra and knickers".

Mr Pearson purchased the steer for $400, according to Perth Now.

Geoff - who has about 20,000 cattle - revealed the giant is also a big hit with the other cattle, who follow him around the paddocks in their hundreds.

Knickers' owner says he's Australia's biggest steer - standing at more than six feet three inches tall - and weighing in at almost a ton!

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The Guinness World Records says the world's tallest living steer is an Italian Chianina ox named Bellino.

Massive Australian cow almost as tall as Michael Jordan goes viral