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The Military Deployment to the US-Mexico Border

08 November 2018

President Donald Trump told supporters at a Montana rally on Saturday that the barbed wire installed by active-duty troops deployed to the U.S. -Mexico border this week was "beautiful". "We are providing enabling capability".

"When that comes to me as a military leader, I ask a couple of questions".

Trump said last week that rocks thrown by immigrants should be considered a firearm, and that the military would fight back.

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But according to documents obtained by Newsweek and the Washington Post, the military says only "a small percentage of the migrants will likely reach the border". The remark was short-lived as the next day Trump walked it back, saying that those who attack the U.S. military will simply be arrested in accordance with United States law.

"The only soldiers that are going to be armed during this mission are the soldiers that are providing force protection", said Col. Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, echoing a statement by the Department of Defense that only "military police" who will be protecting the troops will be carrying weapons.

The Pentagon estimates that by the end of Monday there will be 5,200 active duty forces in Arizona, California and Texas with that number rising to more than 7,000 in coming days. But military officials emphasized that the temporary tents were only to house additional CBP personnel being sent to the border.

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Even so, the Pentagon rejected the request for the reserve "protection" force, while it simultaneously approved all of DHS' other requests for support with Secretary of Defense James Mattis' approval. The president thanked the Army Corps of Engineers for their help, without giving details of their activities or specifying whether any tents have yet been erected on military bases to accommodate migrants apprehended after crossing the border.

"There is no plan for DoD personnel to interact with migrants or protesters", he said, as reported by Military Times.

Active duty U.S. troops are barred from domestic law enforcement unless there is an emergency, but Trump has repeatedly raised the prospect of having troops enforce the border as he campaigns hard on the dangers of immigration ahead of the midterm elections. DOD is also providing some medical support.

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There is still no official cost estimate made public for the 45-day mission, but Manning said the Defense Department will "absorb" the costs of the operation.

The Military Deployment to the US-Mexico Border