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Chinese vice president meets visiting Pakistani prime minister

05 November 2018

During the on-going China visit by Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, Beijing also told Islamabad to "push forward" the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the heart of the Chinese Belt and Road project the feasibility of which Pakistan has begun to doubt over debt concerns.

The launch apparently is coinciding with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's maiden visit to China starting Friday.

"In this context, China supports Pakistan's engagement with the Nuclear Suppliers' Group and welcomes its adherence of NSG guidelines", the nuanced statement said.

Applauding China for its unprecedented achievements, he said China steered the 70 crore people out of poverty during the last 30 years, and the development it achieved is a role model for Pakistan.

Speaking to reporters in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou said his country would help, but added that more talks were needed to iron out the details of any aid agreement.

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A key point of contention for the USA has been its allegations that China has engaged in widespread intellectual property theft. President Trump's comments came a day after a phone call with President Xi that he described as "very good".

President Xi said relations between China and Pakistan had already been growing and now those had touched new heights. He said that the Pakistani side admires China's achievements in reform and development and looks forward to learning from China's experience in governance, strengthening coordination with China on global and regional affairs and continuously enriching the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.

"Both sides (China and Pakistan) believe that a peaceful, stable, cooperative and prosperous South Asia is in the common interest of all parties".

The two leaders expressed complete confidence on the importance and future development of CPEC. Implicit in that expression in a rare moment of candour was the new Prime Minister's admission that Pakistan is facing a "very difficult" economic situation, indeed a depleted inheritance. "Both sides have agreed to establish a foreign-ministerial dialogue mechanism to make overall planning and coordinate in various fields", Kong said besides establishing a working group on social and livelihood affairs under the CPEC joint cooperation.

"Pakistan wants to learn from China's experience in poverty alleviation and curbing corruption", he added.

Many people in Pakistan believe that Imran Khan is a reformist.

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Similar caravans have gathered regularly over the years and have generally dwindled by the time they reach the southern border. So far, it is not certain whether any operative suffered any injury but Guatemalan officers were hurt.

On the occasion, an official welcome ceremony was held in honor of the prime minister.

The prime minister emphasised that President Xi's vision of connectivity - Belt and Road, and its flagship project CPEC, would translate into a win-win for shared prosperity in the region and beyond. "One of the things of course is my party has come into power", Khan said. Now we seeks Chinese help to cope with the white-collar crimes.

"We need foreign investments more than ever before, because we have a current account deficit", the Pakistani premier said, a day after he invited Chinese businessmen to explore Pakistan's vast investment potential.

The meeting was held in a spirit of mutual understanding, longstanding friendship, and close cooperation.

They also reaffirmed their steadfast commitment to strategic partnership and underscored taking it to new heights.

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On the occasion, the two sides expressed satisfaction over the multi faceted bilateral relations.

Chinese vice president meets visiting Pakistani prime minister