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United States finalising plan to crack down on asylum seekers

04 November 2018

A second, smaller group of 1,000 or so is more than 200 miles behind the first.

Trump, who has vowed to close the border, said in an interview Monday with conservative TV and radio host Laura Ingraham that the USA would allow migrants to file asylum claims, but that they would be forced to live in "tent cities" while they await court rulings, a process that can take years. "We're not letting them into our country".

The only violence Trump has cited in justifying the militarization of the border is what he alleges took place along Mexico's border with Guatemala when the caravan of migrants confronted Mexican federal police at that border. So far, it is not certain whether any operative suffered any injury but Guatemalan officers were hurt.

One Honduran man traveling with the caravan told us they are coming in, no matter what they may face.

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"This complaint is poorly written and looks more like a press release than a lawsuit, using politically charged terms and hyperbole instead of carefully reasoned legal claims", says Breitbart News Senior Legal Editor Ken Klukowski.

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Trump said Thursday he was "not going to put up with" any sort of violence directed at those USA forces, warning the military would fight back.

"In general, mass migrations are risky for the migrants themselves", Nielsen said.

As the caravan crossed into the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, Gov. Miguel Angel Yunes announced that authorities there would be providing not only humanitarian assistance but also offering mass transportation for the migrants.

"I didn't say 'shoot'".

The migrants also were also turned off by the USA president's characterization of the slow-moving caravan and the three smaller ones following as "invasion".

Similar caravans have gathered regularly over the years and have generally dwindled by the time they reach the southern border.

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The U.S. president has spent the final days of the campaign hammering the issue as he tries to energize Republican voters, and his favorite target has been the migrant caravan of nearly 4,000 people that is still more than 800 miles away from the nearest U.S. border. "We have a lot of tents, we have a lot of everything, we're going to hold them right there", he said.

"The top general overseeing US Northern Command said on Tuesday that "(Customs and Border Protection) personnel are. absolutely the primary and principal members that will be handling, specifically, the migrants". Trump has repeatedly addressed the issue of who exactly is included among the thousands of caravaners, including in a series of tweets Wednesday. He plans to sign an order next week that could lead to the large-scale detention of migrants crossing the southern border and bar anyone caught crossing illegally from claiming asylum.

The Nigerian army, which is accused by Amnesty International of killing at least 40 rock-throwing protesters on Monday, sought to defend its actions by showing a video clip of Trump warning that rock throwing would be considered using a firearm.

In June, the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, ordered USA immigration courts to stop granting asylum to victims of domestic abuse and gang violence.

Nexus Services, Inc.is petitioning a federal court to protect individuals seeking asylum from Pres. Trump's policies and its enforcement by the military and other armed federal agents. They should apply to come into our country.

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United States finalising plan to crack down on asylum seekers