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Donald Trump: US planning ‘tent cities’ for migrants

02 November 2018

His warning came as the Pentagon began executing a support mission dubbed Operation Faithful Patriot to provide military assistance requested by the Customs and Border Patrol.

"The 5,239 are going forward and there will be additional forces over and above the 5,239", he said, adding that number "is not the top line". "The magnitude of that difference, I don't have the answer for now", he said.

O'Shaughnessy said just over 1,000 troops had already deployed to Texas as of Tuesday, where they will carry out tasks like building barriers, erecting tents, and flying government personnel by helicopter to and from different locations along the border. US officials have told Reuters the support mission would be coordinated by the USA military's Northern Command. "We'll continue to adjust the numbers and inform you of those, but please know that's in addition to the 2,092 [service members] that are employed from our National Guard".

"On the border, we are preparing what we call Defense Support for Civilian Authorities, '" Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said Sunday, "If you look at how we organize for the storms, . we surround the storm".

The first caravan was still about 900 miles (1,450 kilometers) from the nearest USA crossing at McAllen, Texas, and possibly much farther if it heads elsewhere.

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The projected US deployment is already roughly the same size as the USA military contingent in Iraq.

General of the US air force on meet the press said that "to the end of the week referred to the military contingent will be placed in the South-Western sector of our border, and this is only the beginning of large-scale operations". Many are walking toward the United States with their families and say they are escaping violence and grinding poverty back home. The standoff at the riverbank followed a more violent confrontation that occurred on the bridge over the river Sunday night, when migrants threw rocks and used sticks against Mexico police. By the end of the week, they'll head to staging bases in California, south Texas and Arizona.

The aviation units are among ten listed in the planning documents which are slated to be in place by November 2 and conclude their mission on December 15.

The troop deployment, one week before the U.S. midterm elections, appears to be the largest U.S. active-duty mobilization along the U.S. -Mexico boundary in decades and amounts to a significant militarization of American border security.

Anyway, blocking the progress of the train of unemployed "migrants" is only a temporary measure apparently, AP reported: "A standoff unfolded as federal police officers blocked the highway, saying there was an operation underway to stop the caravan". The Pentagon says an additional 5,200 active-duty troops could join them.

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The mobilization will include three combat engineer battalions, members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and troops who specialize in aviation, medical treatment and logistics, O'Shaughnessy said.

Additionally, a headquarters unit from the Marine's Corps Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF) out of Pendleton will travel further south to San Diego. However, almost all of the kinds of troops sought for Faithful Patriot exist in the Guard. "They can conduct and work their law enforcement activities".

His warning comes as the United States military is reportedly preparing to send 5,000 troops to the border, a significant increase over the initial estimates of 800 reported last week.

Guatemalan riot police fired tear gas at the migrants on Sunday who, in desperation to continue their northward trek toward the United States border, responded by hurling stones and sticks, reports Efe news.

O'Shaughnessy said that the U.S.is "working closely to understand the nature and makeup of this caravan".

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McAleenan, the CBP commissioner, said his agency was tracking a caravan of about 3,500 people moving north through southern Mexico. "Mexico should secure its own territory and turn this caravan around. We are going to hold them, we are going to build tent cities, we are going to build tents all over the place", he said, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Donald Trump: US planning ‘tent cities’ for migrants