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Samsung planning 5G-capable Galaxy S10, new foldable handset

29 October 2018

Like Apple, Samsung may launch three different variants of its Galaxy S10 smartphone early next year, latest report from Bloomberg has revealed.

According to industry sources on Sunday, Samsung plans to roll out a 5G version of the Galaxy S10. The standard version of the device with a code name Beyond will receive a display size of about 5.8 inches, curving on the sides of the case. We may also see a triple camera setup on the back of the Galaxy S10, which definitely seems to be the direction Android manufacturers are moving in.

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The most exciting detail from Bloomberg's report concerns the camera.

To start, we're now supposed to expect not only a Galaxy S10 (codenamed "beyond") with in-display fingerprint reader, but Plus and cheaper models too.

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The S10 will also ship with Android 9.0 Pie. As per the report, the display is coated with a film that is basically used in photography. However, the device is expected to include a four-inch screen on the outside to perform basic tasks like browsing emails, texts without the need of flipping it to open.

If I were eagerly waiting for a Samsung foldable phone, I'd find all of this worrying, but hey - let's wait for November and see whether there will be any official news on this device. Smartphone makers have been focusing on adding new AI features in their phones recently. When a product is mass-produced, technical problems that weren't found in prototypes may arise. As the phone nears the final stages of development, Samsung is reportedly working with Google to create a version of Android tailored for the device. He also says the screen "shatters like dried paper" when it cracks due to a special coating that's on it. The operator was able to launch the first commercial 5G network, it still only works in four US cities: Houston (TX) Indianapolis (in) Los Angeles and Sacramento (CA). The great thing about these two smartphones is that Samsung is not taking away from their quality as Apple did with iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

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But a folding phone isn't the only device expected to hit the shelves next year. This morning's Bloomberg report says that Samsung has likely chosen their first design model to be one that favors a portrait type of design that is "easier to hold with one hand even though its display may feel narrower when opened". Samsung will most likely continue to offer the face recognition feature as well so users will have more than one way to secure their smartphone.

Samsung planning 5G-capable Galaxy S10, new foldable handset