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Rally in Chicago against the policy "anti-women" of Trump

14 October 2018

Ms. Schiller recalled that the recent induction to the supreme Court of judge Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee of president Trump, in spite of the accusations of sexual abuse against a, had galvanized many women.

Following arguably the biggest - and hardest fought - victory of his controversy-strewn presidency, Trump was crowing.

The organizers of the march of Chicago, which is held under the slogan "let us Walk up to the polls" (#MarchToThePolls), have planned this gathering a few weeks before the parliamentary elections in mid-term, during which the democratic Party hopes to regain control of the House of representatives to the republicans.

But far from using the aftermath of the battle to try and heal the nation, Trump piled into even fiercer attacks.

"On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the bad pain and suffering you have been forced to endure", Trump said, addressing the bitter partisan fight over Kavanaugh's nomination that became a firestorm after the emergence of sexual misconduct allegations, which Kavanaugh emphatically denied.

Democrats, Trump said, "tortured him (Kavanaugh) and his family".

"What I think this has done for us is provide the kind of adrenaline shot that we had not been able to figure out how to achieve in any other way".

UN Says Canada Needs to Cut Emissions to Stop Catastrophic Climate Change
In places like the American Southwest, warming is already affecting snowpack, forest die-offs, water supplies and wildfire season. In 2016 they were nearly twice that, and the Canadian government's current aim is to only cut to about 512 million tonnes a year.

There is a gender gap: by 40 percent to 24 percent, women say the debate makes them more likely to back Democratic than Republican candidates.

Though some Democrats would oppose the amendment because ideally they would like to pack the Court, I wonder how many Democrats trust the Republicans in the future to be less partisan than they would be.

"Honest to God, I would answer that question, but I'm going to let you guys do that assessment", he said.

Democrats claim he displayed excessive anger and was too partisan in defending himself against 11th hour allegations by three women who claimed he sexually assaulted them during high school and college freshmen parties.

Women's March Chicago said it was targeting the "anti-woman agenda of the White House and the Republican Party".

Late Monday, Trump was set to rub salt into opponents' wounds by hosting a formal swearing-in ceremony. Kavanaugh could become a pivotal justice on issues including abortion. "And he toughed it out", Trump said at the International Association of Chiefs of Police meeting.

Asked if he considered the crowd at Trump's rally also a mob, McConnell said: "I'm not interested in talking about tweets or what people may say at rallies".

Trump Steps Up His Attacks On Federal Reserves Rate Hikes
Based on what I know (or think I know), the Fed raising short rates is keeping long-term rates lower than they might otherwise be. The comments followed his strongest criticism of the Fed late Wednesday when he said the central bank had "gone insane ".

In reality, Kavanaugh's confirmation lit a match under existing left-right tensions.

"The complaints seek investigations only of the public statements he has made as nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States", she wrote in the release.

One Republican observer said he thought as many as 20 or 21 of the 25 Republican districts that went for Hillary Clinton previous year could well flip to the Democrats, producing a large Democratic House wave.

However, Roe v Wade was upheld in a narrow 5-4 ruling, with Justice Anthony Kennedy casting the deciding vote.

The initial focus of opposition was exclusively on the conservative views held by the married father of two.

Kavanaugh was narrowly confirmed in the Senate by a vote of 50 to 48.

Four unnamed sources told the Washington Post that the D.C. Circuit sent the complaints to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. The elections are also being seen as a barometer of President Donald Trump's popularity.

Trump Secures Pastor Brunson's Release
The Trump administration has, however said that it remains "hopeful" that the pastor will be freed at today's hearing. Andrew Craig Brunson is escorted by Turkish plain clothes police officers, July 25, 2018, in Izmir, Turkey.

Rather, the results show the political consequences may be more mixed.

Rally in Chicago against the policy