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Cute flaccid myelitis: Three new cases of rare polio-like illness emerge

14 October 2018

Since then, more than 350 cases of the illness have been reported in the USA over a four-year period.

A polio-like illness that primarily impacts children is on the rise across the United States.

Cases of the "polio-like" illness acute flaccid myelitis are surfacing among more children across the US, with reports of the condition that can lead to paralysis and death coming in from several states over the last few days.

Health officials are "investigating six cases of suspected AFM" in the state as of Tuesday, Minnesota Department of Health spokesman Doug Schultz told Fox News.

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Six is the highest number of cases Minnesota has ever seen.

In the past, Minnesota may only see one case in a year. The virus causes the muscles and reflexes in the body become weak. The CDC has been monitoring the condition more closely since 2014, when there was a nationwide spike in cases.

Symptoms include a sudden onset of arm or leg weakness and difficulty moving facial muscles. The cause of any individual case of AFM can be hard to determine, and often, no cause is found. CDC specialists will make the final determination if these cases are AFM.

There have been dozens of cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) in the USA this year, including three at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth. However, even that may not be enough as AFM can also come on due to environmental factors and genetic disorders. She is now being treated at Lurie Children's Hospital.

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AFM is a virus that affects the nervous system.

"They are not the same virus", Dr. Hallberg said.

There have been no deaths in Colorado and all patients have fully recovered after being hospitalized, reported. In 2017 there were three cases, and since the beginning of 2018 there has been one case in the state. Officials said most of the cases are associated with a strain of enterovirus. After the 120 cases in 2014, there were 22 in 2015, 149 in 2016, and 33 a year ago, according to the agency.

"It's extremely uncommon this is not something that parents should be concerned about sending their children from school or anything but it's time to get back to the basics of how we prevent viruses from spreading", Dr.

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In 2016 there was a cluster of nine cases of AFM case in Washington state.

Cute flaccid myelitis: Three new cases of rare polio-like illness emerge