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Has Henry Cavill Quit as Superman?

13 September 2018

Although Warner Bros has been in the process of trying to engage the actor, contract negotiations between Cavill's representatives and the studio went kaput leading to the door on any future Superman appearances closing.

'Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors, ' a studio source has claimed to THR.

Warner instead focusing on a Supergirl movie, according to THR, which would most likely write out Cavill's Superman from the film mythology.

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If Michael B. Jordan were to be cast as Superman, it would be several years still before we saw him take on the role in what would essentially be Man of Steel 2. It's said to be part of a larger move aimed at fixing WB's flagging DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Cavill isn't the only member of the Justice League that might be revoking their membership, as a new contender to potentially replace Ben Affleck as Batman has emerged. Additionally, WB says they weren't planning on releasing another Superman film for years to come.

A quick recap: first thing this morning, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Henry Cavill and the DCU were going their separate ways.

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Henry Cavill arrives for the European Premiere of "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" on March 22, 2016 in London. DC might be learning that having a good story, and not just centering on two broody white men who hate each other, is the key to box office success.

As for the rest of the Justice League...

Cavill is the third actor to prominently play DC's live-action Superman on the big screen since Christopher Reeve reinvigorated the role in the '70s. One project the studio will focus on developing is a Supergirl movie. In addition, Henry Cavill could be on United Kingdom time, which is five hours ahead, so he would have been the first to have spotted the news, more than likely before his manager and could have even called Garcia to wake her up. Will there be backlash against Warner Bros for not re-signing Henry Cavill as Superman? For Cavill fans, he does have something new in the works: He'll star in a Netflix series called The Witcher.

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Has Henry Cavill Quit as Superman?