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GMB union says British public deserves a vote on final Brexit deal

06 September 2018

But Conservative divisions have deepened, with former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and Mrs May's Downing Street engaged in a bitter war of words over the approach to Brexit.

Meanwhile the prime minister Theresa May has continued to rule out the possibility of a new vote, insisting that it would be a "gross betrayal of our democracy".

The prime minister's spokesman said: "The Chequers proposals are the only credible and negotiable plan which has been put forward and which will deliver on the will of the British people".

They said in a statement that all the negotiations on rights will "be in vain in the event of a No Deal, Cliff-edge scenario, which would leave us without any legal status at all", adding that "regrettably there seems to be no contingency plan either in the European Union or in the United Kingdom for this eventuality". In her article, the Prime Minister states: "We want to leave with a good deal and we are confident we can reach one".

One of the country's biggest trade unions is calling for a public vote on the final Brexit deal, because it says promises made during the referendum are "not the reality we are facing".

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The EU's chief negotiator has said he "strongly" opposes parts of the plan.

"What matters in all of this is not the personality politics, it's the outcome at the end".

Speaking earlier yesterday, Green told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "High-stakes rhetoric, use of words like "surrender" and "white flag" and "treachery" and so on, that some newspapers have used, are absolutely what we don't need in the current circumstance". This government needs to know that they have to come back and face the music, and if the public is not happy, they must listen and go back to the negotiating table.

Davis, who resigned in protest over the Chequers plan after two years as May's chief negotiator, said the proposal was "almost worse than being in" the European Union, and that May could use "national interest" as a caveat to justify further concessions. And it is, alas, only on this side of the Channel that shameless sociopaths take vast risks with other people's life chances for the sake of personal ambition.The EU, for the avoidance of doubt, is not risking its future on the British people making a wise choice.Is Mr Raab coming out with this kind of palpable rubbish an improvement on Mr Davis doing so?

Green conceded that May faced "a narrow path" to get her plan agreed by MPs.

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He said a "Tory hard Brexit" would be a disaster for GMB members.

Former education secretary Justine Greening suggested the Chequers deal was less popular than the poll tax - a flat tax on every person in the country first imposed in 1989, which led to widespread protests and is often cited as a factor leading to Margaret Thatcher being deposed as Prime Minister.

The Commons resumed after the summer recess, with the pace of Brexit talks in Brussels intensifying in the hope of achieving a deal this autumn. But the reality is that in this negotiation the European Union has so far taken every important trick.

Writing in the Telegraph, Johnson accused May of getting "diddly squat" from negotiations and handing "victory" to the EU.

That plan envisages Britain leaving the single market but staying in a free trade area for goods and agri-foods through a customs deal and common rulebook with the EU.

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GMB union says British public deserves a vote on final Brexit deal