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Judge blocks release of blueprints for 3-D-printed guns

03 August 2018

A US judge on Tuesday blocked the planned release of 3-D printed gun blueprints hours before they were set to hit the internet, siding with states that sued to halt publication of designs to make weapons that security screening may not detect.

The order has put on hold a plan for people to be able to legally download blueprints to make 3-D printed guns.

3-D printed guns are functional weapons that are often unrecognizable by standard metal detectors because they are made out of materials other than metal (e.g., plastic) and untraceable because they contain no serial numbers.

Austin, Texas-based Defense Distributed had reached a settlement with the State June that would allow it to make the plastic gun blueprints available for download online.

But Barondes said it's not the 3D printed plastic "ghost guns" that worry him most.

Blueprints to print out 3D plastic guns were temporarily blocked from going up online this week after national outcry over security concerns involved with untraceable and potentially undetectable printed guns.

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Local attorneys general are also gunning (pun intended) for Defense Distributed; several states on Monday filed a lawsuit against Wilson's website, as well as the Trump administration.

At Hacker Lab in Midtown Sacramento, Nile Mittow makes all sorts of things with 3D printers.

"We were disappointed in the ruling and view it as a massive prior restraint of free speech", Blackman said.

Wilson, a law school dropout who has taken up the cause of allowing unfettered information online without government interference, contends that the US Constitution's Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms, should extend to a person's right to make their own guns. State Department officials said the plans violated USA export laws.

"I am looking into 3D plastic guns being sold to the public".

Then, in June, President Trump's Department of Justice offered Wilson a settlement that would allow Defense Distributed to once again publish 3D-printable CAD files.

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By providing the instructions, the company would be helping Pennsylvanians circumvent state laws requiring gun-buyers to be at least 18 years old, pass background checks and obtain licenses and permits for some weapons, Shapiro's office has said.

The lawsuit against the Trump administration was filed in Seattle, Washington, by the state's Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

The latest: Yesterday, a federal judge in Seattle granted a temporary nationwide injunction that will prevent the models from being posted online.

In the meantime, congressional Democrats have urged Donald Trump to reverse the decision to let Defense Distributed publish the plans.

CNN reported Wilson said he had suspended downloads of the 3D-printer gun "until he reviews the order". Wilson sued in 2015, claiming the order infringed on his constitutional rights. "Already spoke to the NRA, doesn't seem to make much sense!" the president tweeted.

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Judge blocks release of blueprints for 3-D-printed guns