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San Antonio Aquarium Recovers Shark Stolen in Baby Stroller

01 August 2018

The three people confessed to stealing the horn shark after the video of their weird theft was posted by the San Antonio Aquarium.

The aquarium is in Leon Valley, a suburb northwest of downtown San Antonio.

On Saturday, the shark was grabbed from an open pool by two men and a woman, then wrapped in a wet blanket and put in the bucket with a bleach solution. The men put the shark in the bucket and stashed it on the stroller to make their getaway.

Trio of thieves put shark in baby stroller, roll it out of the San Antonio Aquarium

A four-door Chevrolet Silverado maroon truck left the aquarium with the shark. The shark was recovered in good health, as police said the suspects had experience with marine animals and placed the shark in a proper environment.

The suspects are facing charges for theft between $750 and $2,000. The shark was returned home safe on Monday.

Three people pulled off a freakish heist involving a stolen shark from the San Antonio Aquarium, police say.

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Authorities were able to track down the animal after seeing a photo of the Grey-Horned Shark on a San Antonio Facebook page asking $300 for it.

Spellman said her reaction was "just absolute shock".

Ms. Helen is part of a pool exhibit at the aquarium that allows patrons to pet the more docile sharks. The video shows a man plucking the shark from the tank and carrying it away, off camera, still dripping water.

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Associated Press reported on Tuesday that the shark is now back in its petting tank, and investigators say they've obtained confessions from the two men involved in the deed.

Police tracked down the trio's vehicle and found Miss Helen in a tank at the home of one of the suspects, who confessed to the theft.

"When we first got the call, we thought it was kind of a hoax being that it was Shark Week last week", Salvaggio told KSAT TV. Horn sharks grow to be about three feet in length and are bottom-feeders native to the North American Pacific, according to Sharksider. "He had had one of these in the past. obviously he likes those types of animals".

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San Antonio Aquarium Recovers Shark Stolen in Baby Stroller