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Protesters against Donald Trump gather outside Blenheim Palace

13 July 2018

"Yes, there might be protests", he said.

"I mean, the list goes on", he said.

Demonstrators have lined the streets outside Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire where Mr Trump and his wife Melania are attending a black tie dinner.

"Give us your tired and your oppressed and we'll divide you from your children", he said of Trump's policies.

After London, he will travel to Scotland and then onto Helsinki to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

"I would love to say that I think this is going to be a hugely successful visit but I think it's going to be very hard", he said at a pro-Trump gathering in parliament.

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Speaking in Brussels as he wrapped up a contentious North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, Trump shrugged off concerns over demonstrations, saying he had "great friendships" in Britain, where his mother was born.

More than 60,000 people have signed up to demonstrate in London on Friday when protesters intend to fly a large balloon over parliament portraying Trump as an orange, snarling baby.

Trump has clashed in the past with May - even though she is a conservative who shares his view that defense spending should be raised - and with her predecessor, David Cameron, who challenged Trump's anti-Muslim campaign stance as "divisive, stupid and wrong".

The Stop Trump Coalition accused the president of being "too scared to face protestors".

Protests are also anticipated in Britain, where the Stand Up to Trump group prepared for a "Carnival of Resistance".

Labour Party legislator Paul Flynn, who has criticized Mr. Trump in Parliament, says the USA leader has outraged Britons - and people around the world - with his harsh treatment of immigrants.

Government Won’t Reunite All Under-5 Children With Parents Before Tuesday Deadline
ICE has three family detention centres with room for about 3000 people in all, and the places are already at or near capacity. They will be set free in the United States pending the outcome of their immigration cases, which can take several years.

Nearly two million people signed a petition demanding he be banned from the United Kingdom because they believe he is sexist and racist and "Stop Trump" campaigners say he will face a "Wall of Sound" outside all the landmarks he visits because supporters will bang pots and pans.

Two senior cabinet ministers, including former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, resigned this week over the plan, saying it keeps the country too aligned to the European Union and does not respect the wishes of the people who voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum.

May emphasized in a statement ahead of the visit the UK's "special relationship with the U.S".

The Metropolitan Police will be responsible for the protection and security of the U.S. president and will also try to ensure lawful protests can be staged.

May hopes Trump, who arrived at Stansted airport from Brussels, will help accelerate a future free trade deal, though his public comments on Brexit have cast a shadow over the visit. It was during that trip to Washington that she invited him to the UK.

This is when huge protests will be held across the city, with 50,000 people expected to turn up on Friday afternoon - parading to Trafalgar Square through central London.

China will counterattack United States tariffs
The two countries are now holding about $15 billion to $16 billion in goods in reserve for a second round of tariffs. Trump this month said he doubted he could achieve a deal he likes until after the US midterm elections in November.

On Friday he'll meet Theresa May at the prime minister's country house, Chequers - and he'll meet the Queen at Windsor Castle while protests take place in London.

Protesters against Donald Trump gather outside Blenheim Palace