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Trump 'Close to Determining' No Mueller Interview, Giuliani Says

11 July 2018

President Donald Trump's lead attorney said Sunday that lawyers have put off a decision on an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller due to their concern about what the president sees as a corrupt and tainted probe.

After host George Stephanopoulos said to Giuliani that Comey says he took Trump's remark as direction, Giuliani responded that he was also told, "Can you give the man a break?" many times as a prosecutor.

In recent weeks, Cohen has made a number of moves indicating that he's willing to turn against the president if federal investigators from the Southern District of NY or the FBI want him to.

Among other conditions, President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani told The New York Times there needed to be concrete evidence the president committed a crime before he'd agree to speak with Mueller and his team.

"Michael Cohen should cooperate with the government", Mr. Giuliani said Sunday on ABC's "This Week". "Now, a source familiar with Cohen's thinking tells me that he feels that he's getting a strong signal from the president and from Rudy Giuliani that if his version of the truth doesn't coincide with their version of the truth, then they will continue their attacks on him".

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Mueller could subpoena Trump to testify before a grand jury if he does not agree to an interview, but Giuliani said, "If he does, we could have it quashed".

Mueller seeks to interview Trump on matters ranging from collusion to obstruction of justice.

Stephanopoulos said he asked Cohen repeatedly if he was considering cooperating with prosecutors in their investigation.

As a former NY mayor, Giuliani has known Trump for years and was reportedly considered as a possible attorney general.

The former NY mayor said on NBC that it's "great" if Cohen wants to cooperate with investigators because "we've been through all the records" and "he has no evidence of, nor was he involved in, anything untoward with the president".

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"I will not be a punching bag as part of anyone's defense strategy", Cohen said.

The president, as well as Giuliani, have often used media interviews and or social media to deride the special counsel's investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, usually referring to the probe as a "witch hunt" orchestrated by "13 Angry Democrats" hell-bent on rectifying the 2016 election. "We wouldn't be lawyers if we would do that", Giuliani said on ABC's "This Week".

"Simply accepting the denial of Mr. Putin is unsustainable", Cohen said.

"As long as he tells the truth, we're home free", Giuliani said. "I respect our nation's intelligence agencies' ... unanimous conclusions".

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Trump 'Close to Determining' No Mueller Interview, Giuliani Says