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A quick look at the "final four" Supreme Court candidates

10 July 2018

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has reportedly told Trump that the judges presenting the fewest obstacles to confirmation are Raymond Kethledge of the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and Thomas Hardiman of the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The President is also said to be intrigued by Amy Coney Barrett, 46, whom he nominated to the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals, was a Notre Dame law professor and clerked for the late Antonin Scalia - the gold standard for conservatives in a Supreme Court nominee. He is also former law clerk to Kennedy, as is Kethledge.

Battle lines have been drawn over the future of abortion in America on the eve of President Trump's nomination of a second justice to the U.S. supreme court that could put the landmark 1973 ruling Roe v Wade in jeopardy.

President Donald Trump is expected to select a Supreme Court nominee from a four-person list when he makes his announcement at 9 p.m. If you're a cord cutter without a TV, you can stream it online on C-SPAN or via the embedded video below from PBS Newshour. His "blue-collar" personal story appeals to Trump: Hardiman was the first member of his family to attend college, the University of Notre Dame, and then worked his way through law school as a taxi driver. Dianne Feinstein a year ago during her confirmation hearing to the federal bench. The President's hardline policy approach means the issue could well end up before the court soon. Ten Democrats from states that Trump won are up for re-election this fall and will be under tremendous pressure to back the president's nominee. Jon Kyl would guide Trump's nominee through the grueling Senate process. All are conservative jurists in the mold of Trump's previous Supreme Court pick, Gorsuch.

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"Remember, the President ran on the Supreme Court issue and that greatly enthused voters", Leonard Leo, who is now on leave from the Federalist Society, where he helped craft Trump's list of candidates, said on ABC's "This Week" Sunday.

Within Republican ranks, Senator Susan Collins has already signalled she could break with her party if Trump taps someone hostile to the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that guaranteed women's access to abortion.

President Trump has decided on his nominee for the Supreme Court, a source with knowledge of the search told Fox News, though the name of the pick still is not known.

Kavanaugh, 53, on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, is a favorite of the conservative legal establishment because of his long record on issues ranging from the separation of powers and executive privilege to abortion, immigration and gun rights.

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Bob Salera, a campaign spokesman for Senate Republicans, said Casey has "given up any pretense of being a moderate voice" by opposing Trump's nominee sight unseen. He recently voiced disagreement with a court decision allowing an undocumented teenage immigrant to get an abortion.

As others speculated about his nomination to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, Trump had little to say about his choice, who could cement a conservative majority on the court for years to come. I'm open to voting no.

In a 2017 interview with The Post, Jones said he might have opposed Gorsuch's nomination had he been a senator at the time.

The president has also said previously to reporters that he has narrowed the pool, saying on Thursday "of the four people, I have it down to three or two". Leftist lawmakers know they don't have the votes to stop a nominee on their own, thanks to former Majority Leader Harry Reid, so they're begging Republicans to join the resistance.

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