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Trump congratulates new leftist Mexico leader

05 July 2018

The morning after his crushing election victory, Mexico's president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador thanked President Donald Trump for his congratulation message and said he'll contact the USA leader to "reach an understanding". He said he would seek to stay in a version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) that was good for Mexico.

Mexico is now renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement - known as NAFTA - with the United States and Canada.

Of greatest importance here, though, may be the same thing that moved Mexicans to overwhelmingly choose the left-wing populist leader (and two-time failed presidential candidate) over his more staid rivals: Mexico's long-standing inability to deal with corruption and gang violence.

Lopez Obrador has said he would use economic development, job creation and educational opportunities to address the causes of crime, giving federal scholarships to students and creating employment programmes to keep vulnerable young people off the streets.

"We are not going to fight".

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"We really aren't thinking about changing the Constitution or major laws", Urzua told Reuters news agency on Monday, insisting that his team's changes at PEMEX would mainly focus on cost-cutting. "And I think that, at the very least, we need to, if we are going to-if this appointment is going to happen, at the very least we can do is delay the timeline in which women's healthcare is going to be taken away, delay the timeline in which our civil rights could potentially be further eroded". An official quick count from electoral authorities late Sunday forecast that Lopez Obrador would win with between 53 percent and 53.8 percent of the votes, a remarkable margin not seen in the country for more than three decades.

Lopez Obrador plans to eschew the presidential mansion tucked into Mexico City's verdant Chapultepec park, preferring to remain at his modest home on the capital's south side and working from offices in the colonial National Palace downtown.

Lopez Obrador previously vowed to throw the energy reform out but now says contracts merely will be reviewed for any illegalities.

Rating agency Moody's said on Monday that Lopez Obrador's election would result in short-term market volatility and represented risks for the oil sector.

Lopez Obrador has promised to stop corruption in Mexico's government.

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Amid widespread frustrations with the status quo, all of the candidates have tried to paint themselves as the agent of real change. "We are overweight local currency government bonds and the Mexican peso".

Many Mexicans liked this rhetoric and saw in him a man who can stand up to Trump and reclaim the nation's dignity on the worldwide arena.

"We are actually quite optimistic about the outcome of the election", said Paul Greer, a portfolio manager at Fidelity International.

The election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Sunday marked a historic moment for the Mexican left-and a potential shift for U.S. -Mexico relations. He also proposed Mexican consulates in the United States provide legal help to Mexican immigrants.

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Lopez Obrador told Televisa that he will respect the current team of negotiators, and let them continue representing Mexico until he takes office December 1. Mexican journalist Jose Guadalupe Chan was killed on Friday in the state of Quintana Roo, state officials said in a statement.

Trump congratulates new leftist Mexico leader