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IG Report Slams FBI Agent Strzok For Political Bias, Using Personal Email

15 June 2018

Judge Andrew Napolitano said there was "very little" new information revealed by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz in his highly-anticipated report on the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

The IG's report raised concerns about what Horowitz called "a troubling lack of any direct, substantive communication between Comey and then-Attorney General (Loretta) Lynch" ahead of a July 5, 2016 news conference where the FBI director announced the bureau would not recommend any charges against Clinton, and an October 28 letter to Congress announcing new developments in the email probe.

The report sharply criticized Comey for violating Justice Department policies and accused him of usurping the authority of then Attorney General Loretta Lynch when in July 2016 he announced there would be no charges against Clinton for her email use as secretary of state.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was expected to conduct the briefing for Trump, people familiar with the matter said.

Though Trump has repeatedly lambasted Federal Bureau of Investigation leaders as politically biased against him, the inspector general's report - no matter how critical - is unlikely to endorse that conclusion, especially since some of the actions being examined broke from protocol in ways that may have harmed Clinton.

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In messages exchanged on November 9, 2016 and documented starting on page 417 of the report, FBI Attorney 2 and other FBI employees discuss their distress over the results of the presidential election and insult Trump supporters.

The report calls Comey "insubordinate" and says his actions were "extraordinary". "We'll stop it", Strzok replied.

The report's findings are set to be made public later Thursday.

Trump was set to receive a briefing Thursday on the 500-page report, which the president is widely expected to use to launch fresh attacks against not only Clinton but also the law enforcement officials behind special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe, which Trump has repeatedly referred to as a "witch hunt".

Democrats - and even Mrs Clinton herself - have blamed Mr Comey for her election loss to US President Donald Trump. It has been previously reported that Strzok was the individual who revised the draft of Comey's statement about the Clinton email investigation to remove the phrase "grossly negligent" and replaced it with the legally inert "extremely careless".

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Comey's news conference in the summer of 2016 disclosing the investigation's conclusion was unusual since charging announcements are normally made by the Justice Department, not the FBI. "Right?!" FBI lawyer Lisa Page texted investigator Peter Strzok in August 2016. "I'm talking about Strzok and Page, the head of counterintelligence, not a minor figure, what he was texting to his mistress".

The report didn't identify the people who exchanged the messages.

Strzok tried to explain to investigators that his message to Page "was meant to reassure Page that Trump would not be elected, not to suggest that he would do something to impact the investigation". "If any other FBI Agent has done what Comey did and not refer the case to DOJ to make a decision, that agent would be fired from their job and likely be charged with obstruction of justice".

Well, it turns out I've got a few minutes before my flight leaves, so here are a few excerpts from the inspector general's report on the FBI's handling of the 2016 election. When they fixate on the latter, they risk becoming the former.

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IG Report Slams FBI Agent Strzok For Political Bias, Using Personal Email