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The Elder Scrolls 6 announced

11 June 2018

It's likely we'll see more of Rage 2, and hopefully some more of Fallout 76, but maybe there will be a few surprises in store. There were no further details. I hope Bethesda is ready to be hounded year-in and year-out about the progress on The Elder Scrolls VI because that's probably all fans are going to care about.

This was officially announced as part of Bethesda's E3 presentation today.

We'll continue to follow Bethesda and watch for when a solid release date is shared - by Bethesda or Walmart Canada. While Todd Howard stressed the game is fully playable in solo, a core component of the experience revolves around online multiplayer.

EA Announces Release Date for Anthem
It's a significant seismic shift, and it will be fascinating to see how it plays out across EA and the game industry at large. For the 24th straight year, Sony will be sharing its plans for the PlayStation brand at a pre-E3 press conference.

You can play Elder Scrolls Blades in vertical or horizontal mode, so if you don't like having to flip your phone over you won't need to.

You can't expect to push out hit game after hit game every year and not see any fatigue. Yes, you can launch nuclear missiles on other players and their bases. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. The first of these is an original IP called Starfield, which is set in space. Absolutely nothing was revealed about the title apart from a glimpse at a vast landscape, which suggests that it's a long way from release.

This teaser is about the full extent of what we know about the next game in the series.

Rajinikanth's Kaala Screens In Karnataka, But Only After Protests
According to the reports that have been doing the rounds, Kaala has been leaked online on the very first day of its release. Rajinikanth is still a huge craze as the character Chitti of " Robot " and fans are waiting for the sequel "2.0".

Blades is a new free-to-play game that's coming to mobile, PC, consoles and more.

Alternatively, you can pre-register at Google Play to be kept up-to-date about the game. Bethesda themselves say the environments rendered in the game will be console quality. The game features both hand-crafted and procedurally generated dungeons. It is a sequel to Doom and brings hell on Earth.

RECLAMATION DAY. Are you ready to take back America? It's set in the United Kingdom, with dynamic weather and seasons that players across the world will experience at the same time. 80% of the world's population is dead and is now your job to make the world a better place. You fight monsters with swords, ranged weapons, and magic by swiping the screen. We assume this one is a ways off, but there it is: some mountains.

Robert Whittaker vs. Yoel Romero II is going ahead after all
His first attempt was made at 186 pounds, and at his second attempt, he was still.2 pounds over the mark. At this time, it is unclear if he will the fight will proceed and what terms might be negotiated if so.

The Elder Scrolls 6 announced