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‘All systems go’ for Trump-Kim summit, Singapore diplomat says

10 June 2018

President Donald Trump sounded an optimistic note Saturday morning about his upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but called the meeting a "one-time shot" for Kim.

"I think within the first minute, I'll know", Trump said during a free-wheeling press conference before he departed the ongoing G-7 talks for the Singapore summit with Kim. The president truly believes that Kim Jong Un, in the president's words, wants to do something great for his people...

As he looks to the Kim meeting, Trump is taking a high-stakes risk in hopes of containing the increasingly challenging national security threats from North Korea's advanced nuclear and ballistic missile programs. "They have good emotional radars and know when we are being condescending, speaking down to them".

They'll arrive to "summit fever" across the island territory - with locals selling everything from drinks and tacos to gold medallions to mark Trump's historic huddle with the hermit king. "So we are going in with a really positive spirit".

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un delivers his New Year's speech at an undisclosed place in North Korea, Jan. 1, 2018, in this photo provided by the North Korean government.

He said the police officers who stopped him at Singapore's Changi Airport searched his bags and questioned him for about two hours before letting him go.

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Eight days after cancelling the unprecedented summit, citing Pyongyang's "open hostility,"Trump welcomed North Korea's former intelligence chief, now under punitive USA sanctions, to the White House Oval Office, afterward exchanging smiles and handshakes, and patting his arm in a friendly gesture".

As he has in recent days, however, the president again acknowledged that the summit is unlikely to achieve a major breakthrough, stating that at minimum he would like to "start a dialogue" with Kim. It could also give North Korea the opportunity to demand the withdrawal of USA troops in the South or the halt of regular allied military exercises.

What Bolton meant by the Libya model was that the "U.S. seeks Pyongyang's quick, front-loaded dismantlement and shipment overseas of its nuclear apparatuses, as Libya did in the early 2000s", said Lee. "The regime is employing a wait-and-see approach to the issue, which makes sense from their point of view".

Trump's diplomacy with North Korea has been cheered on by South Korea, whose new leadership is more supportive of engagement with the North than any South Korean government in years.

Then, Trump followed up with another Trudeau-targeted tweet, calling him "meek and mild" during the summit in Montreal and also "very dishonest and weak".

"Within the first minute I'll know", he said. Among the celebrities who have said they will be in the city during the summit are former basketball star Dennis Rodman, one of the few people who have met both Kim and Trump, and Fox News host Sean Hannity.

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"For North Korea to have the security assurances it needs, it needs to know that it has an economic - economically viable path forward".

He also praised the North Koreans, saying they have been "really working very well with us" during preparations for the summit.

Singapore was selected as the host site because it has significant experience in staging major global events.

"Even if they cheat on handing over nuclear weapons, possibly cheat on freezing uranium production, there can be a certain amount of cheating and we can still be better off", Kristof says.

"We would win that war thousand times out of a thousand", he said.

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‘All systems go’ for Trump-Kim summit, Singapore diplomat says