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Main » 'Tetris' is coming to PSVR as 'Tetris Effect' and here's a trailer

'Tetris' is coming to PSVR as 'Tetris Effect' and here's a trailer

07 June 2018

The game, which aptly borrows its name from the phenomena of seeing falling Tetris pieces in ones' vision, after prolonged Tetris sessions, aims to take the classic, yet addictive formula and amp it up to 11, through the power of the PSVR and the PlayStation 4. The audio, background elements, special effects and even the Tetris pieces themselves dance, pulse, shimmer and explode in ideal sync based on how you are playing.

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The first game to be revealed is Tetris Effect, which is being created by the maker of REZ and Lumines. Music, backgrounds, sounds, and special effects all shimmer, pulse, and even explode, surrounding the player with three-dimensional worlds that react to your gameplay decisions. In addition to this, well known modes like Marathon, Ultra, Sprint and an all new "Zone" mechanic wherein players can stop time and either maneuver out of a potential game-over situation, or rack up extra line clears for bonus rewards make up parts of the package. One of these new features was announced today, however. And if not, it was game over.

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There will be more announcements over the week, too, culminating in "An eagerly anticipated game coming to PS VR" on Sunday.

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The 10-day Days of Play season includes cut-price consoles, blockbuster games and virtual reality titles. Experience these sights and sounds while fully-immersed in 3D will no doubt add to the trippiness of the game. There are more than 30 stages to play, and the game offers multiple display options, with support for 4K resolution on a PS4 Pro and VR capabilities with the PSVR. No other platforms were mentioned.

'Tetris' is coming to PSVR as 'Tetris Effect' and here's a trailer