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Apple hits hard on privacy, Memoji in new iOS update

05 June 2018

The main focus of Apple in its operating system is performance and that is what obtained on iOS 12.

Finally, Apple is improving the screenshot functionality of MacOS, taking a screenshot will now pop up a window like that in iOS which will allow you to markup and edit file. It is touted to be much faster than iOS 11 with 40% faster app launch, 70% faster camera, 50% faster keyboard, and huge optimizations under heavy load thanks to clever CPU boosts.

iOS 12 will be available in public beta later in June, and will be generally available in the fall. As is now tradition, the company showed off the latest version of iOS at the event (iOS 12), delivering plenty of new features to the platform.

Facebook recently said it will let you delete information the company gathers from your activity on other websites and apps.

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The changes in Safari will apply when Apple's next-generation operating systems roll out widely later this year. To hear Federighi explain it, Photos search has been vastly improved. So, for example, if you are attending an event at your daughter's local school and don't want to be pestered while you are there, then this function allows you do that while in its grounds.

Photos will even recommend effects you can apply to your photos (tastefully, of course). It will identify objects like flowers and the people you love, as well as locations your photos were taken.

Apple said on Monday that devices will launch up to twice as fast, while adding that it's focusing primarily on speeding up older gadgets.

For example, the Tile app can be integrated into Siri so you can say "I lost my keys" and have Siri communicate with Tile to locate them. These include new "competitions" within the Activity app, letting you challenge buddies to fitness duels and earn badges.

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Siri will also start making more suggestions. It also highlighted how some developers, such as Lego, are incorporating the trendy technology into apps. So it's a bit like the Today section of the iOS App Store, but it'll be updated a bit less frequently. Facebook has also denied that these deals violated any contracts, and said there is no evidence of abuse by these device companies. There will be iCloud support, as well.

Parents can use the new Downtime feature (which can be found in the Screen Time settings) to block everything on their children's phones except for selected apps and phone calls for an hourly time range. It will now have support for audio books. Oh, and animoji are getting an overhaul with more customization. As a user gets closer to their time limit, they will receive a notification. You can now also set an ending time for your Do Not Disturb command in the Control Centre. DND is also easy to activate in various forms from the Control Center. With iOS 12, Apple is doubling down on how much users use their phone everyday.

These are all developed to help reduce users screen time. Parents will also be able to limit app time from another device and lock access based on age appropriate content. You can make this animated character look like a cartoon version of yourself, similar to the AR Emoji feature Samsung offers on their latest devices, but on iPhone, you build the character yourself from scratch. 'Well it turns out, these can be used to track you, whether you click on them or not.

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Apple hits hard on privacy, Memoji in new iOS update