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Trump's ugly spin about separated children gives away his game

04 June 2018

Although the government has not disclosed how many children have been separated from their parents as a result of the new measures, the Department of Health and Human Services said Tuesday, May 29, that it had 10,773 migrant children in its custody, up from 8,886 on April 29.

As the New York Times correction notes, those unaccompanied minors are not in federal custody anymore.

The former officials doubled down on their criticisms of Trump's immigration policies, and said the 2014 photos showed unaccompanied children the government had been attempting to place with family members. Vox spoke with an immigration expert to discuss this process, Jennifer Podkul.

HHS learned the 1,475 children could not be found after making follow-up calls past year to check on the safety of nearly 8,000 children who had been placed with caretakers between October and December 2017. "This [meaning the ~1500 children] was their answer to the question of, how many of those children were they not able to get in touch with, with that one phone call".

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This treatment goes against U.N. Refugee Agency guidelines that say children have the right to remain united with their parents, and that detention of asylum-seekers must be avoided. "And then, yes, they would end up in this kind of longer-term, long-term foster care, a situation until their cases were resolved or until a sponsor could be found", McKenna said. There's a lot happening at the southern border. While official numbers are not yet available for May, people working on immigration cases have reported a sharp uptick in family separations since Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the administration's new zero-tolerance policy May 7. Their argument is that that these separations have a positive justification, in that they supposedly deter families from crossing the border. Whereas the Obama administration kept undocumented children with their parents at emergency shelters and family facilities and "initiated a program created to allow families more freedom while awaiting deportation hearings", splitting children from their families is the official policy of the Trump administration.

"The Trump administration has come under fire for its immigration enforcement policies, which critics say will unnecessarily separate children from their parents at the border". And like Abu Ghraib dramatically symbolized the government's widespread use of torture after 9/11, the latest Trump make-them-suffer tactic may belatedly arouse the nation's conscience.

Another aspect of the recent immigration debate illustrates the danger for liberals in going too far with under-researched anti-Trump talking points. Congress appointed the organization as the independent advocate for vulnerable children at the border. According to the Houston Chronicle, that's what happened to Esteban Pastor, a Guatemalan who was deported in October without knowing the whereabouts of his 18-month-old son.

"While there are many possible reasons for this, in many cases, sponsors can not be reached because they themselves are illegal aliens and do not want to be reached by federal authorities", he said. His new "zero tolerance" immigration policy is splitting up hundreds of migrant families at the border.

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Clinton said that more than 700 kids have been separated from their parents between October 2017 and April 2018. "And that child may be separated from you, as required by law".

Alan Gomez, immigration reporter for USA Today.

"It must be nice you get to hug your child". They circulated widely on Twitter this weekend, shared by Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau and activists Linda Sarsour and Shaun King, among others, Politico.

This assertion is blatantly false and President Obama's White House Domestic Policy Council advisor Cecilia Munoz, who regularly advised the president on immigration issues, just proved it. Munoz oversaw the handling of the unaccompanied minor crisis of 2014, when children were sleeping in cages at federal detention and processing centers. They were taken by the Associated Press and published by The Arizona Republic, again, per Politico.

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Trump's ugly spin about separated children gives away his game