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Retired 'Coward' Deputy Who Stayed Outside During Parkland Shooting Receives Massive Pension

17 May 2018

It pays to be cowardly, it seems - at least, for Broward County Sheriff's Office deputies.

Peterson attracted controversy after surveillance footage showed that Peterson, who was the resource deputy stationed at the high school, stood outside the building as gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire.

Scot Peterson resigned from the Broward County Sheriff's Department after he failed to enter Stoneman Douglas High School during a shooting that left 14 people dead, and now the embattled former officer will receive more than $8,000 per month in a state pension.

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Scott is being urged by the father of one of the Parkland victims to revoke Peterson's pension.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Peterson received his first pension payment in April and can receive the monthly payments for the rest of his life.

Peterson gained national infamy in February after it was revealed he hid outside a school building while one of the largest school shootings in US history was ongoing. The sheriff said he was disgusted and demoralized by what he saw, while President Donald Trump called Peterson a coward, and said he "didn't have the courage" to confront the shooter and "doesn't love the children".

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"This guy is a disgrace", Pollack told the Sun-Sentinel.

There are no charges or circumstances that would affect Scot Peterson's pension, according to a March 28 department letter requesting local officials submit information pertaining to Peterson's retirement benefits. He hid while my daughter and 16 others were slaughtered!

These payments are based on the total number of years Peterson worked, and the average of his five highest-paid fiscal years, but according to a Department of Management Services spokeswoman, health benefits are not included in the monthly amount. That money should go to actually securing our schools!

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Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the shooting, sued Peterson last month and released a statement Tuesday calling Peterson a "disgrace and a coward".

Retired 'Coward' Deputy Who Stayed Outside During Parkland Shooting Receives Massive Pension