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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Combat Gameplay Features in New Dev Diary

04 May 2018

Civilizations have formed on other planets, but the entirety of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is set in System 3.

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The Beyond Good & Evil 2 livestream above took place in December, concentrating mainly on concept art and the game's general look and feel - suggesting that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still at a pretty early stage in its development.

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Not only did it feature enough bad language to make Quentin Tarantino blush - despite the first game being nothing like that - but subsequent looks at the game have seemed to have more in common with No Man's Sky than the Zelda-esque action adventure of the first one. As a space pirate roaming System 3, "the center of interstellar trade and colonization in the Milky Way of the 24th century", you'll be able to pilot your own ship, leap out, fly around with a jetpack, and get into some brawls. According to the publisher, you can play by yourself or with friends in a vast and seamless online playground. We'll report back with news from the livestream as it happens. You'd still have a crew with specialized abilities that you'd have to order around, though it's unclear if these will be NPCs or controllable characters. Additionally, you'll get a fresh look at how melee combat is coming together, with a taste of some work-in-progress footage of Shani showing off some elaborate combat moves with her staff. Until then, feel free to join the Space Monkey Program to keep up to date on all the latest news regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2. The developers noted that they want to give players more freedom and choices in this Beyond Good and Evil.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Combat Gameplay Features in New Dev Diary