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Kevin Hart's Alleged Sex Tape Extortionist Identified as Close Friend

03 May 2018

Jonathan Todd Jackson, 41, was charged on Wednesday (May 2nd) with one count of attempted extortion and another count of extortion by threatening letter, both "trying to coerce actor Kevin Hart to pay him for a video that was surreptitiously recorded previous year", according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.

Jonathan Todd Jackson, 41, who is known publicly as "JT" and "Action Jackson", was charged with attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office said in a statement.

Actor Kevin Hart said he is "lost for words" and "hurt" on Wednesday night after authorities announced charges against an old friend who allegedly tried to extort him.

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Prosecutors accused Jackson, 41, of trying to get Hart to pay him an undisclosed amount of money between August 25 and August 30 for a videotape Jackson said he had of Hart with a woman in Las Vegas.

Hart was in the spot light a year ago when he was exposed for cheating on his then pregnant wife.

Comedian Kevin Hart took to Twitter today to tweet, "Mind blown ..." "Someone tried to set up Kevin in a failed extortion attempt". And recently, I didn't. "So I did not know at first".

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"At the end of the day man, I just simply have got to do better".

In September, the comedian released a video on his Instagram account saying he had made a "bad error in judgement" and would not "allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes". I'm not going to sit up here and say that I am or claim to be in any way shape or form.

He captioned the post: "Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids". You know, I'm not flawless.

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Kevin Hart's Alleged Sex Tape Extortionist Identified as Close Friend