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Pompeo nomination runs into more US Senate Democrat opposition

20 April 2018

Pompeo's nomination to succeed the fired Rex Tillerson as secretary of state may not win approval in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where Democrats including Bob Menendez, the ranking member, have said they will oppose him, as has Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

"I believe our nation's top diplomat must be forthright, and more critically his past sentiments did not reflect our nation's values and are not acceptable for our nation's top diplomat", Menendez said, with Sen. He says Pompeo has done a good job in his current role, but that it is not a policy job.

"The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in particular on the Democratic side, is not representative of the Senate as a whole". "I'm very anxious that this summit is going to go very badly. but I think we should all admit that it's good, not bad, that the Trump administration is trying to do some work ahead of this meeting, perhaps setting the stage for success rather than failure".

"I do understand how on the Democratic side many view this as a proxy on President Trump's overall foreign policy, but I would hope at the end of the day some of the members would want to have a highly qualified person weighing in", Corker said.

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"I think Mike Pompeo is going to go down as one of the great secretary of states", Trump said. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, and Tim Kaine of Virginia - both Democrats who sit on the Foreign Relations panel - voted in favor of his nomination. Rand Paul, already announcing he's a "no".

Today at 1 pm, Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) held a press briefing on Pompeo's nomination. Robert Menendez, N.J., acknowledged that while a denuclearized North Korea was a noble goal, the planned meeting between Trump and Kim "is not a strategy" and announced that he would oppose Pompeo's confirmation. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., and Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., as three Democrats from states that Trump won big in 2016.

"I'm glad that the meeting took place", he added.

If the Senate panel rejects Pompeo's nomination - and it's looking increasingly likely that it will - it would be a first.

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The Republican camp seemed mostly pleased with Pompeo's trip, seeing it as a sign Trump was moving the ball forward on negotiations on Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions, which this administration frames as one of the top threats to US national security. Obstructing Pompeo would weaken our standing in the world, limiting our ability to conduct vital diplomatic relations mitigate these challenges and threats.

Pompeo is Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. On Tuesday, Manchin said that he had met with Pompeo and that their meeting went well.

Reed also said he has "grave concerns" about Pompeo's longstanding opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by former Secretary of State John Kerry under President Barack Obama.

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Pompeo nomination runs into more US Senate Democrat opposition