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Trump, senator strike deal on legalized marijuana

16 April 2018

President Donald Trump will not be letting Attorney General Jeff Sessions undermine Colorado's thriving marijuana industry.

Gardner said he had lifted some holds earlier this year after "positive discussions with the DOJ" but that with Trump's assurances, he would be lifting all remaining ones.

Marijuana is legal for medicinal use in 29 states and for recreational use in eight. Satisfied, the first-term senator is now backing down from his nominee blockade.

"Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states' rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana", Senator Gardner said in a statement.

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"President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states' rights issue once and for all", the senator added.

The White House confirmed this week that while the Department of Justice rescinded an Obama-era policy, which largely kept federal prosecutors from pursuing marijuana-related charges in states that had legalized the drug, the change will not impact states' legal marijuana industries.

Sessions on January 4 rescinded a policy begun under Democratic former President Barack Obama that had eased enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that legalized it.

Andrew Lelling, the U.S. Attorney in MA, however, said in a January statement that he could not "provide assurances that certain categories of participants in the state-level marijuana trade will be immune from federal prosecution".

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The New York Daily News reported Friday that the Justice Department had not been consulted before Trump made his phone call. "So we're reluctant to reward that sort of behavior". But the Journal's sources say Trump wants the top Justice Department officials gone anyway: "Eventually, it will happen", a source said.

He said, "My colleagues and I are continuing to work diligently on a bipartisan legislative solution that can pass Congress and head to the President's desk to deliver on his campaign position".

Erik Altieri, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said Sessions' hiring did not reflect Trump's promise to protect state's rights.

The White House is reportedly seeking to build a case for the firing of Rosenstein and has asked allies outside of the administration to publicly attack the deputy attorney general and Mueller's probe.

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Trump, senator strike deal on legalized marijuana