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Mountain View Police Release Body Cam Video of Interaction With YouTube Shooter

14 April 2018

Police in California have released body cam footage of an interaction they had with the woman who opened fire at YouTube headquarters this month.

On April 3, police said Nasim Aghdam came to the company's property and opened fire, wounding three people before dying by suicide.

After officers wake her up, Aghdam tells them that she left her home in San Diego because she was not getting along with her family.

The female officer asks her if she was taking any type of medication or if she is supposed to be taking medication, to which she responds "No".

She was found at 1:40 a.m. on the day of the attack, sleeping in her auto in Mountain View. The dispatch center reported back to the officers that Aghdam was reported "at risk" when the missing person's report was filed was because she had no prior reports of having gone missing.

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The officer questioned her for 20 minutes, checked her identification and found she had no outstanding warrants. A routine records check did not reveal any hits or threats of violence. She hadn't told her family she had planned to leave, and had intentionally left the mobile phone she normally used in San Diego, presumably to avoid contact.

But the Mountain View officers did not ask Aghdam if she had any weapons in her vehicle, even though she could have been arrested if the gun was not secured in the trunk or a locked container.

The officers later ask - "You don't want to hurt yourself, do you?"

Aghdam shakes her head no to each question. She says she drove straight Mountain View from San Diego because she was looking to start a new life.

Aghdam continued to discuss her family situation as she tried to find her ID. The officer stated that in speaking with Aghdam, it appeared she did not wish to go back to the San Diego area.

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In their news release accompanying the video, police explain that Aghdam answered all their questions " cooperatively and thoroughly", and there was no reason to continue questioning her.

She posted videos under the online name Nasime Sabz, and a website in that name decried YouTube's policies, saying the company was trying to "suppress" content creators. The father thanked them and hung up.

Police asked her if she was taking any medication or if she was thinking of harming herself or anyone else, to which she replied, "No".

In a statement, Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel said that his officers followed proper protocol.

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Mountain View Police Release Body Cam Video of Interaction With YouTube Shooter