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Raid on Trump's lawyer sought records of payments to women

12 April 2018

In order to fall under attorney-client protection, the documents just have to be related to Cohen dispensing legal advice or gathering information in order to give that advice, Litman said.

Michael Cohen, whose hotel room and office were raided by the FBI Monday, was first noticed by the president in the early 2000s during a tussle between tenants and the management company of a Trump Organization-run property, according to a Associated Press story on Wednesday.

However, the White House when pressed today would not say whether Cohen still works for Trump.

When Trump previously considered a White House run, Cohen worked with the National Enquirer in 2010 to promote the website and encouraged the supermarket tabloid to pursue stories questioning President Barack Obama's US citizenship, two former staffers of the publication told The Associated Press.

There have been few signs that Mueller was interested in investigating the payment, though. "Cohen would not be a subject or target that Trump would wish to have flipped against him".

Former adult film actress Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) is cooperating with federal agents investigating a $130,000 payment she received from President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, NBC News first reported Tuesday.

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Watchdog groups, including Common Cause, had lodged complaints with Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission about the Daniels' payment months before Avenatti's lawsuit.

While specifics about the bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign law violations for which Cohen is reportedly under investigation have not been made public, a report in The Washington Post on Tuesday said that Cohen could have provided false information about the source of the $130,000 and the objective of the payment.

Meanwhile, the president's associates told The New York Times in December that he can watch as many as eight hours of television at a time. The raids affirm that America's justice system is working exactly as it should. Judges have to be convinced that it isn't just a way for prosecutors to intimidate defense attorneys or access confidential information. "And I thanked them at the conclusion", Cohen said in a phone conversation on Tuesday with CNN.

But when the occasion warrants it, authorities have the ability to waive this provision.

The stench of impropriety surrounds Trump at every level, including his son-in-law, former campaign manager, former national security adviser, and now his personal lawyer. That could trigger what is called the "crime-fraud exception" to the attorney-client privilege. "It can not be discovered", he said. He was wrong. The privilege is one of the most sacrosanct in the American legal system, but it does not protect communications in furtherance of a crime. Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor in IL, elucidated the difficulty of differentiating between the two.

Another reason raids on attorney's offices are rare is that they can easily come back to haunt the prosecution.

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And if the potentially privileged material is challenged, the burden of proof is on the prosecutors to show that they made "zero use of privileged material" and their investigation was not in any way influenced by it.

Reports surfaced in March that special counsel Robert Mueller was examining documents pertaining to incidents involving Cohen. As a result, the raid was not technically part of Mueller's Russian Federation investigation-a distinction that may have as much to do with politics as with jurisprudence.

But "there are special concerns when searching the offices or homes of lawyers", Sandick said.

Asked if he was anxious, Cohen told CNN: "I would be lying to you if I told that I am not". If the latter is true, Wisenberg noted, "Then it is no longer part of Mueller's case".

When asked at a military leadership meeting whether he would fire Mueller, Trump responded: "We'll see what happens". But the raid was prompted, at least in part, by evidence or allegations uncovered by Mueller's team.

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Raid on Trump's lawyer sought records of payments to women