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Emmanuel Macron, Mohammed bin Salman agree to deals worth $18bn

12 April 2018

But unlike Dubai, Riyadh's shows will not be open to camera, and the attendees will be women only.

The announcement that Saudi Arabia will make its first official appearance at France's Cannes film festival came after Prince Mohammed dined last week in Hollywood with media mogul, along with film studio bosses and famed American actors including Morgan Freeman.

"The discussions were friendly, which allowed the two men to establish a personal relationship", Macron's office said.

Saudi Arabia's crown prince wrapped up his visit to France yesterday, geared toward shoring up cooperation while addressing the lurking strategic differences between the two countries on a series of crises across the Middle East.

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Macron and the prince, who is seen as the main power broker in the Saudi monarchy, toured an exhibition of works by 19th century painter Eugene Delacroix before their dinner, the source added.

Saudi and French aides stressed before the trip that cultural ties, as well as new business opportunities, would be at the heart of two days of talks between government and private-sector figures from both countries.

State oil giant Saudi Aramco earlier announced deals with major French companies including Total, Technip and Suez.

A coalition of leading rights organizations have urged Spain, the last stop on the Saudi crown prince's global tour, to scrap its planned sale of warships and weapons to the aggressive regime in Riyadh.

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For Breham, the lawsuit is a way to draw attention to the tragedy unfolding in Yemen, which according to the the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today.

"Since the start of the conflict in Yemen, France has adopted a very specific process whereby all sales of military equipment are analysed on a case-by-case basis and on the basis of reinforced criteria that reflect respect for worldwide humanitarian law and the risk of harm to civilian populations", Macron said.

But the trip follows a period of underlying tensions.

On Monday evening, the Saudi heir held a surprise meeting with Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri, as well Moroccan King Mohammed VI, which was revealed in a tweet by Hariri showing the three leaders smiling and dressed casually.

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Macron invited Hariri to Paris for talks and he later rescinded his resignation, a development that analysts say exposed the limits of the prince's authority.

Emmanuel Macron, Mohammed bin Salman agree to deals worth $18bn