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Kudlow Rejects CBO Projections About Trump Tax Cuts...Offers His Own Prediction

11 April 2018

For 2018, the deficit is expected to top $800 billion, about $140 billion more than the shortfall previous year.

But those growth rates will not offset the deficits, which will "increase rapidly this year and over the next few years", then stabilize, resulting in a projected cumulative deficit of $11.7 trillion for 2018-2027, CBO forecast. Expirations for individual tax rates at the end of 2025 will slow economic growth as well.

"The CBO, god bless 'em, they're very low-ball economic estimates last I looked", said top White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow on CNBC Monday, though he acknowledged he hadn't studied the report.

Wall Street defends key line of defense amid Trump-China trade war
That was a fraction of the number of cars the US exported to China: 267,000 passenger vehicles worth $9.9 billion. Meanwhile, as Shepp notes, China could "go for the "nuclear option' of dumping its sizable hoard of U.S.

The Congressional Budget Office on Monday said the federal budget deficit will total $804 billion this year, up from $665 billion last year. The gap between spending and revenues will balloon over 1 trillion dollars in fiscal 2020 and keep expanding for years. "Federal debt is projected to be on a steadily rising trajectory throughout the decade". No mention of the "voodoo economics" idea of dodgy economists that lower taxes generates higher spending and lower deficits. Meanwhile, total debt is projected to reach 96 percent of gross domestic product, or almost $29 billion by 2028 - the highest total debt since WWII. But the fiscal stimulus from tax cuts and spending increases will also exert upward pressure on interest rates and prices, and larger budget deficits will crowd out private investment, lowering GDP in later years, CBO says.

Today, unemployment is less than 4 percent and the economy has been humming along with hardly a hiccup for several consecutive years.

According to CBO, the omnibus will add $320 billion to the deficit over 10 years, though that number would rise to $1.7 trillion to $2.1 trillion if spending continued along the path it outlined for 2018 and 2019. For example, the deficit would average 6.3% of GDP from 2023 to 2028, and rise to 7.1% of GDP by 2028. This became law only weeks following the tax cut went to effect. This change reflects the net effect of substantial estimated reductions in tax collection (nearly $1.7 trillion) due to policy changes, and a significant increase in tax collections (about $1 trillion) due to higher projected economic growth. Trump has ruled out cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and Capitol Hill Republicans have failed to take steps against the deficit since Trump took office.

PM Narendra Modi may lose Varanasi if opposition is united: Rahul Gandhi
The comments came in the backdrop of Rahul Gandhi's claim that Modi may lose from Varanasi against a united opposition in 2019. Gandhi was on a two-day visit to the southern state since Saturday for the sixth time in two months to campaign for the party.

Interest Payments: Interest payments on the debt will reach $915 billion in 2028. The modern Republican Party has pioneered a completely novel theory: Governments should balance their budgets when run by Democrats, and run extremely large deficits when run by Republicans.

Federal debt held by the public is already quite high by historical standards. Those surpluses turned to deficits after tax cuts under President George W. Bush, as well as sharp increases in military spending for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

China Focus: US protectionism to hurt interests of its own
President Donald Trump speaks about taxation reform in a trip to White Sulphur Springs, in West Virginia, " U.S., April 5, 2018. The Trump administration has said it is taking action as a crackdown on China's theft of United States intellectual property.

Kudlow Rejects CBO Projections About Trump Tax Cuts...Offers His Own Prediction