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Rob Ford: brother of late Toronto mayor is new Progressive Conservative leader

14 March 2018

The main event ended with images of crews taking down balloons that were meant to shower the new party leader hours earlier.

"When he was in Sault Ste".

Party officials argued that delaying the race would damage its chances in the pending election, adding that the roughly 64,000 people who had successfully voted represented an all-time high for voter turnout.

The governing Liberals and the New Democrats have panned Ford as a step backwards for the Tories, accusing him of currying favour with the party's socially conservative elements. We're going to be out on the road.

Romano had supported Elliott's campaign for leadership, calling her the best choice for Northern Ontario.

"Former PC MPP Frank Klees was visibly agitated as the convention wrapped up, and suggested it would be "abominable" if Elliott is refusing to accept the results, though Elliott hadn't said that".

Elliott issued a statement Sunday night saying that after a review of the vote she had concluded Ford won the race, noting that she will run for the Tories in the general election.

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The poll also suggested almost half (48 per cent) of respondents disapproved of Ford as party leader, while 36 per cent said they approved of his leadership and 16 per cent weren't sure.

"I appreciate her (Elliott) thoughts".

Rickford noted that Ford's leadership bid didn't have a lot of support within caucus and as a result he isn't beholden to anyone in forming a government following an election win.

However, Romano said Ford had a strong following and believes he will be an effective leader.

"It may surprise you to hear me say this, I think Kathleen Wynne is a good person", Brown said in the ad.

Ford was in Sault Ste.

However, Wynne also told reporters that her party is focused on who it is fighting for, not against. Rob Ford died of cancer in 2016.

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Romano said it will take time, but he believes Doug Ford will disenfranchise himself from his brother. "It wasn't about a leadership or an election".

"We have to make sure we have incentives rather than tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend", he said of fostering business investment in the province during his visit to the Sault. He vowed that if he becomes premier, he will reduce hydro rates, get rid of the carbon tax and implement a zero per cent tax rate for those making less than $30,000 a year.

"To the people of Ontario, I say relief is on the way", he said. "He was not the typical establishment (politician) and wanted to show he was not that typical establishment".

"With the selection of Doug Ford, Ontario Conservatives have chosen corporate interests over workers, religious extremism over the rights of women, and cuts at the expense of our healthcare and education", the statement said.

As of Sunday, she has not conceded the race or defeat to Ford. However in ridings with fewer than 100 ballots cast, each vote is then equal to a point.

Campaign scrutineers and their lawyers remained behind closed doors for hours trying to sort out problems behind the scene, leaving party members in the Markham, Ont., convention hall waiting and in the dark.

"It really, from my perspective, it didn't matter who the leader of the Conservatives will be, our policies are about investing in people, investing in the care of people in this province", she said.

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Chief among these were a number of complaints about the complex rrules for the online vote, including repeated claims that the necessary voting documents sent via regular mail were not reaching party members on time. The previous record was 44,188 ballots cast in 2002.

Rob Ford: brother of late Toronto mayor is new Progressive Conservative leader